Thursday, October 15, 2009

Universal Studios 1968- the Big Finale

A lot of images today to finish up this set of slides of Universal Studios in 1968. First off is a scene inside one of the eating areas. This eating area had a metal roof and rain would pour down all day long. A shot of the destroyer in the first posting is from this vantage point.

Several nice images of a Mexican restaurant overlooking the valley and the studio. It almost appears the photographer was looking to replicate this at his house.

The photographer really enjoyed this view, the bridge and this tree as there are 3 shots of it.

The photographer also enjoyed this waterfall.

The last image is one of my favorites, a you are there shot from on the Glamor Tram. The view of the sets and the valley is perfect, though just a bit smoggy.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

What a great series, is anything in those photos still at the Studio? I dig that last shot too... Hey, back then everyday was at least a bit "smoggy" in the valley, usually more than a bit. Thanks for the cool Universal posts!

Thufer said...

really good set of memories....thank you.

Major Pepperidge said...

I love the restaurant with the never-ending rain. And in spite of the San Fernando's provincial reputation, I like it! I'd love to have a home with a view like the one that the Mexican restaurant had!

Anonymous said...

Great series! Love the Bing Crosby hat that dad was wearing in all of those shots.
Great views from the Mexican restaurant - reminds me of the display yards at the Arboretum. I probably would have tried to get those same shots, to also recreate that look in a backyard. Interesting that no people are in those shots; maybe closed at the time.
Thanks for posting this series