Monday, June 30, 2014

Main Street Disneyland July 1966

Four pictures of Main Street Disneyland in July 1966. First up is the owner of the album relaxing on a park bench waiting for the rest of his family. It appears to be a fairly light day attendance wise.

Next up is a view of the Main Street Station. Though not rare, this view was not often photographed.

Next image is of the Horse Drawn Trolley heading off for a trip down Main Street to the Castle. Note the Opera House in the background, home to Mr. Lincoln.

Final image is of the owner's younger brother planking on one of the cannons at Town Square.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Souvenir Friday- World War 2 Disney Studio Training Film Carictures

During World War 2 the armed services invaded Disney and contracted with the studio to create many training films for the vast number of new recruits in the Army, Army Air Force, Navy, Marine and even the Coast Guard. This piece is from that time period and is a hand colored print of the various technical advisers who were stationed at Disney. The artist is Art Elliott. I found this information on him online: Born in Philadelphia in 1913, studied at the Philadelphia art institute in 1931 and moved to Hollywood in 1936 where he worked until the end of the war. He has animation credits for Bambi and Fantasia- Dance of the Hours. He also was an animator on a majority of training films. He left Disney after World War 2 and received a scholarship to travel and paint in Europe where he had many one man shows, even one on the S.S. Andrea Doria in 1954. Art passed away in 1983. I am not sure who the eight advisers are but I do like that the background is the Walt Disney Studio entrance.

Here are some close up of the advisers.

And the signature on the piece.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

it's a small world Interior Images July 1966

Three interior snapshot images of it's a small world from the July 1966 trip. The interior images are very nice featuring the classic Mary Blair style as interpreted by Marc Davis and dressed by Alice Davis. Enjoy the nostalgic images.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Monorail and Skyway July 1966

Two snapshot views from the Disneyland trip in July of 1966. First up is a view of the entrance to it's a small world from the Skyway. it's a small world was brand spanking new in 1966 and something unlike any other attraction.

Next up a nice image of the monorail speeding over the parking lot.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Visit With Mary Blair

Last weekend I took a quick trip to San Francisco to see the Mary Blair exhibit at the Walt Disney Family Museum. Mary is one of my favorite illustrators and designers. Mary of course was a story artist and colorist for many of the late 1940s to 1950s films and then the designer for it's a small world as well as the tile murals in Tomorrowland and at the Contemporary Hotel in Florida. However, I appreciate her other art work especially her advertising, Little Golden Book and personal art. The first image is of Mary as painted by her husband Lee Blair.

This model is one of my favorites from it's a small world.

The next one is one of my wife's favorites, a cute girl with a kitty.

The next two paintings have a lovely story. Alice Davis purchased the previous painting and Lemonade Girl together from a charity auction. Later, Mary sent Alice Watermelon Boy as he missed Lemonade Girl and they needed to be together. To this day, both of these paintings hang in Alice's house.

Here is the letter that accompanied Watermelon Boy to the Davis' house.

If you get a chance to visit the exhibit, I highly recommend it and also the Marc Davis exhibit currently running.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Two Views of Cascade Peak

From the same 1966 photo album featuring a trip to Disneyland in July of 1966. These two images show Cascade Peak taken from the Mark Twain. The first image is a long distance shot, showing the peak in relation to the rest of the river.

The second image is a nice close up of Cascade Peak. Note the tracks to the Nature's Wonderland on the left side of the picture.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Souvenir Friday- Date Nite at Disneyland Record Sealed

Sorry for the delay, had to work on the computer to fix some issues. This is a neat piece, a still sealed Disneyland record of Date Nite at Disneyland. Featuring music recorded at Disneyland by Date Niters Orchestra led by the Elliot Brothers. I like the plastic extolling a new vista of sounds for Disneyland records.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nature's Wonderland in Black and White July 1966

These photographs are from an album of a Marine Corps kid who visited Disneyland in July 1966 when his Dad returned from Vietnam. There are a couple of neat images coming up, but these two are nice as well. First up are the paint pots seen from the train. I was always amazed that the pots would be bubbling and steam shooting every time the train came through this I know better!

Next up is a view of the bears cooling off as those Anaheim summers can get very warm.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ice Cream and Dwarves

Sorry for the late post but my internet was not allowing me to upload any images. So...with a late post, here are two more snapshots from circa 1968. First up is a nice view from the Carnation Plaza with Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background and the guest eating a lovely Carnation ice cream cone.

The last image from this series of snapshots features the Dwarves as part of a large parade. Check out the Old Hag Witch in the background and even further is a neat group featuring characters from Winnie the Pooh. It looks like a woozle is worrying Winnie.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Indian Village Versus Fort Wilderness

Two snapshots of two different environments in Frontierland. First up is a house in Indian Village. The village was where guests would watch dancers and also explore life as a Native American in the late 1800s. The village was a nice example of the Imagineers edutainment.

Next up is a different environment, that of a Fort at the edge of the frontier. Here guests could learn and imagine themselves as Cavalry on the outpost of American civilization. Unfortunately, both environments are long gone.

Monday, June 16, 2014

King Louie On Main Street

Some snapshots circa late 1960s (most likely 1968)featuring Main Street. First up is a rarely photographed ride vehicle on Main Street, one of the red automobiles. The guests seem very happy and I am liking the sunglasses on the driver.

The next image is the reason for the title, King Louie on Main Street in front of the Main Street Magic Shop with a Big Bad Wolf in the background. The lady leading against the lightpole is not impressed.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Souvenir Friday- Disneyland Flannel Fabric 1950s

Some of the hardest to find souvenirs are fabric items featuring Disneyland. Most of these types of items were used and then discarded. Some items in this category include towels, bath mats, blankets, and curtains. This item is a piece of flannel fabric that would have been used as a bedsheet or blanket. I would date this piece circa 1955.

The aquatic scene is on both the head and foot of the fabric. I love that the river traffic is the Mark Twain and a Jungle River explorer launch. p>

A closer shot of some of the graphics on the white part of the fabric, featuring some of the attractions including Astro Jets, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Shooting Gallery, Mark Twain, Horse Drawn Surrey and one of the Horseless Carriages. p>

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Buildings On the Riversof America

Not only were there little vignettes of wildlife along the Rivers of America but there were also some structures to be seen. First up is the little mining town of Rainbow Ridge. Rainbow Ridge was the entrance to both the Nature's Wonderland attraction and also Pack Mules. I love how the town looks up on the hill.

Next up is the block house from the last outpost in the wilderness, Fort Wilderness. Once lucky kids were able to explore the fort, witness Davey Crockett and Andrew Jackson having a meeting, shoot some attacking Indians and escape via the secret tunnel.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Scenes Along a River Bank

Two views of the scenic elements found on the Rivers of America in 1966. Disneyland has always put little scenic elements around the park to keep guests entertained. First up is an elk family feeding in the verdant trees.

Next is a group of Moose drinking from the river next to a friendly Indian village.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Lovely Mark Twain On the Rivers of America

Two images from 1966 featuring the Mark Twain. First up is a slightly over exposed slide featuring the Mark Twain at the dock. One feature shown is the Columbia loading stairs. Check out the hat on the gentleman in the middle of the image.

Next is a pretty image of the Mark Twain at the loading dock. The color and details are outstanding, almost postcard worthy.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Disneyland Honored Guests

One of my collection within a collection is the picture gallery photographs. I have posted several over the years. While going through my boxes that hold the collection, I found this one which I have not posted prior. I love the key with Disneyland and the honored guest painted lettering on the prop. Also, the group is dressed to the nines for their special day at Disneyland. As a suggestion, Dapper Day should create some cut outs photograph props for the participants to enjoy.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Souvenir Friday- Ceramic Dumbo

One of my favorite ceramic souvenirs is this Dumbo. I remember seeing this souvenir in the Disney News article on Disneyland collecting. The Dumbo has his trunk up which is good luck and appears to be just so happy and jaunty. On his cap is hand painted Disneyland to remind the owner of where this cute Dumbo was acquired.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Johnny Visits Freedomland Part 3

Although only 7 total images, this visit to Freedomland has been fun. First photo for today's post is of Johhny's friend Bobby standing next to the fire apparatus used to put out the Great Chicago Fire. Check out the burnt wood and rubble in the background.

Next up Johnny poses with a very non-native American looking Indian and one of the train robbers. Johnny definitely has reached his hands high! I believe this is the station in the San Francisco area.

The last image is one of my all time favorite theme park images featuring my all time favorite theme park character. The area is rarely photographed and it looks like both Johnny and the character are holding Chinese torture device. The Chinese Junks docked in the background add a great scenic element.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Johnny Visits Freedomland Part 2

Two more snapshots from a visit by a child named Johnny visiting Freedomland. First up is another image of Johnny and his mom. This time they are standing at the entrance to the Northwest Fur Trapper ride.

Next is a picture of his friend Bobby standing on the Santa Fe train car. Check out the park in the background.