Thursday, February 23, 2017

B'rer Animals in New Orleans Square

In preparation of Mardis Gras, a lovely image of B'rer Fox and B'rer Bear dancing in New Orleans Square. At this time period, Song of the South was still considered acceptable and released regularly to movie theaters. One of my all time favorite films with wonderful characters and a heart warming story. The costumed characters appear to be having a dance off. My money is on B'rer Bear as he has a tendency to use larger moves. In the background is a nice street sign. I will have to check if the street signs are still up the next time I am at Disneyland.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Matterhorn Madness

Sorry about the sporadic posting on the blog. I am spending more time adulting...but I will still strive to post on the blog. Today is Matterhorn madness with three pictures of the fantastic attraction. First up is a general view of the mountain. The photo is dated January 1968 but I believe it was taken in December of 1967. Looks like a nice sunny and uncrowded day at Disneyland.

The second image is from the same set showcasing the fabulous star that was placed on top of the Matterhorn during this time period. I really wished the rumors of an LED version would have returned. Note the climber almost at the peak...maybe he is going to change out one of the light bulbs? The perspective of the Skyway buckets is nice.

The last view for today is a newer picture showing the Swiss aspect of the mountain...the hole in the mountain to allow the Skyway to pass through. The photographer kindly let us be there with the interior of the top of the Skyway bucket.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lost Safari and Ethan Allen

Two fun views today. First up is the original tableaux of the lost safari being treed by a rhino on the Jungle River Cruise. The antelope in the background have been moved and the scene is not as large in today's Jungle River Cruise.

The second image is of the Submarine Voyage and the Ethan Allen submarine starting on the voyage under the polar ice caps. I do miss the battleship gray coloring of the subs. In the background is the Douglas Rocket to the Moon (after TWA stopped their sponsorship.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Souvenir Friday on a Monday and Two Frontierland Views

My Friday morning was a little hectic and I was not able to post my Souvenir Friday post. So here is the University of Disneyland Newsletter for July 1966. Lots of promotions this month and no one wanted to see the Dodgers play baseball.

The next two photographs are unrelated. First up is the final Indian Village photograph featuring Melody from my January 25 post. Melody proudly poses in front of the Buffalo still holding her groovy bag.

The second image is of Tom Sawyer's treehouse with a rather dapper gentleman getting ready to relive his childhood days of playing in a tree house.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Adventureland Bazaar

A very interesting view of Adventureland. In the middle of the picture is the Adventureland Bazaar where any number of wondrous souvenirs could be purchased. I assume that this is where the Jungle Cruise snowglobes were stocked along with various Tikis and rubber snakes. The shop on the corner is Guatemalan Weavers with a variety of basket purses for sale.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Computer Troubles, Now Fixed so I am Doing a Mega Post!

So my file transfer program decided to act up...but that is now fixed and I am doing a Mega Post to catch up with everything. First up is the May 1966 issue of the University of Disneyland Newsletter for employees. Some interesting articles announcing management changes, ten year anniversaries, doctor's notes and special events at the park.

Next up are some nice images of a couple of ships at Disneyland. First up is an overhead view from the Skyway of the Fantasyland Pirate Ship. The ship appears fairly empty so it must not have been lunch or dinner time. In the background is Skull Rock and Monstro and way in the background is it's a small world and a yellow Peoplemover.

A nice dusk shot of the Mark Twain heading away from the Rivers of America dock. The Haunted Mansion looks foreboding and there is a construction fence on the left side of the image...maybe for Pirates of the Caribbean?

The last image is a nice view of Cascade Peak and the Three Sisters Falls. Note that the photographer followed the suggestion of a Kodak Picture spot.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Posing in Tomorrowland and Carnation

The first image shows Sherri and her boyfriend (he looks like a Howard to me...) posing at the entrance to Tomorrowland. In the background can be seen the sleek facades and the lovely yellow Peoplemover going by in the background. Sherri and Howard look like a nice couple.

The second image is Howard posing next to the Carnation ice cream truck on Main Street. The visor he is wearing has the peace symbol on it...a definite fashion of the late 1960s.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

it's a small world Facade and Topiary

Continuing with the views from August 1970 of it's a small world with a nice view of the exterior fa├žade designed by Mary Blair and Rolly Crump. The plain white color and many different textures and shapes make the exterior of this attraction very interesting. The eye wants to explore the various nooks and crannies created by the varied surfaces.

The second view is of a topiary animal set on the queue and load/unload area. Since the Tower of Four Winds was not moved to Disneyland from the New York World's Fair, the topiaries were placed in the area to add interest and a visual focal point for guests while waiting in line. .