Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fantasyland June 1963

More pictures from my recent purchase, this time it is Fantasyland. First up is a view of the Mad Hatter Tea Party and in the background in the Tuna Boat with Skull Rock. Written on the reverse of the photo is Pirates Ship- Full size in water contains cafe + Beer Hall. Man stopped in way just as I snapped picture. (Yes, the photographer thought the Pirate Ship contained a Beer Hall, think how much fun that would have been if it did....)

Next up is a view of the Matterhorn, King Arthur's Carrousel and the backside of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Looks like it was a day with good attendance. Noted on this photo is Mt. Matterhorn Sky Ride (We rode) Carrousel (Large 4 row merry go round) Castle in right side, umbrellas- sidewalk cafe.

Final image is one of my favorites, taken from Fantasyland II fast service food counter seating area. The cup in use is the nice blue and white graphic with different images for each land printed in a gold color. On the back, the photographer wrote: Dumbo the flying elephant ride Plus view of Sky Ride and sails of Pirate ship. Taken from Sidewalk Cafe.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Adventureland and Fantasyland June 1963

More images from the collection I purchased at the Disney show. The photographer snapped only two photos in Adventureland. The first is a nice view of one of the jungle launches heading out for the long tour. Note the large building housing the Tahitian Terrace in the background. Written on the reverse is Jungle Boat Cruise Boat we rode at landing. Vegatation + River just like deepest Africe, even to rain forest where fog and mist hang over everything.

Next up is a blurry action shot of the Elephant wading pool. I have seen many of these, I believe the skipper would slow the boat down and then suddenly speed up...causing these blurry images. Written on this photo is Herd of elephants bathing taken from Jungle Boat Cruise in heart of Africa! Elephants are artificial- look real and move!

For the last image the guest moved into Fantasyland and took this photo of the courtyard featuring a balloon vendor and a nice shot of the Sleeping Beauty entrance and the tunnel exit to Frontierland. The caption on this photo is Inside courtyard of Fantasyland castle.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Souvenir Friday- Guest Opinion Poll #1 1960

Another one of my favorite purchases at the show was this Guest Opinion poll #1 from 1960. Make sure to review the guest comments and also take a look that 2 of the guests polled had visited Disneyland 100 times. Jason from Disneyland Nomenclature enjoyed the answers and showed this off to several friends who were at the show. First is the memo from Bud Coulson regarding the opinion poll.

Here is the poll...enjoy!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back to the Regularly Scheduled Blogging- June 1963

Back in Colorado and some what back to a normal schedule. One of my purchases at the show brought in by a friend of this blog (Disneyland Postcards) is this set of snapshots from June of 1963. The photos have wonderful descriptions on the back so I will be quoting them. First up is a view of Town Square with a lady snapping a photograph of the Main Street Station. Written on the reverse of the photo is: Disneyland Main Street Square of 1890's, Horse Cars, etc, London- 2 Decker bus.

Next up is a nice shot of the Omnibus showing the attraction posters on the side of the bus. Written on the reverse of this photograph is: Disneyland Double Decker Bus (authentic London Style) We rode top deck- Front On Main St. 1890's.

Last image for today is Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Written on this photo is: Disneyland Fantasyland Castle 4 story high- with water moat + Drawbridge, etc.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Disneyland July 17, 2012 Ugly Bobsleds

Being the Disneyland obsessive person that I am, I visited Disneyland and California Adventure on July 17th. Not much celebration of the birthday at Disneyland except for the buttons the employees wore and a re-play of the opening day speech. I did ride the Radiator Springs Racers and found the attraction to be fun, I enjoyed the start of the ride with all the characters in Radiator Springs. The figures are very expressive and look like the characters from the film brought to real life. The outside part is good but not really a thrill ride. Here are some sights I thought were interestng. The Pacific Electric Trolley on Buena Vista Street.

Fun roadside sign in the line for the Radiator Springs Racer ride.

Fun sign at the Mater Tow Yard Jamboree (at least I think that is what they were calling it....)

I did head to Disneyland to ride the new Matterhorn Bobsleds. I am not happy with the new bobsleds...they are very ugly and uncomfortable. I am short and I did not have enough leg room, the seats are very hard and the Bobsleds are ugly, just plain ugly. The cool decal is now a small plaque at the front of the bobsleds.

To take the bad taste out of my mouth, here are two random shots of the cool lights in the Enchanted Tiki Room Garden.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

San Diego Comic Con Trip Report #3

Some more image of the costumes and scenes at the SDCC in 2012. There was a significant number of Disney costumes at the con this year. A bevy of princesses sit and pose.

A close up of Snow White.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

San Diego Comic Con Trip Report #2

Home and Garden TV had a display outside of the convention hall featuring Tim Burton's new film Frankenweenie. The walk through was the pet cemetary for the town of New Holland. The tie in to HGTV was a display of poisonous plants. Shown in sequence is the tent and then the cemetary. It was rather well done and you got a neat bag and Frankenweenie exclusive pin.

Monday, July 16, 2012

San Diego Comic Con Trip Report #1

Back to somewhat normal after the San Diego Comic Con. Here are some images of the crowds, costumes and more. Stay tuned for a tour of the HGTV Frankenweenie pet cemetary on Wednesday. Strange Charles Atlas like Baby for a Babytattoo a book and art publisher.

Fred and Wilma

Sleeping Beauty

Lost Stapler

Mr. Toast button!

Kiki from Miyazaki's Kiki Delivery Service.

Coma a new TV Series