Friday, September 28, 2012

Souvenir Friday- A Couple of Random Pieces

A couple of random souvenirs from the collection. First up is a nice unused train ticket for the Frontierland train. It is unusual to see a Child's unused ticket. Note that the ticket is for freight or cattle passage.

Next item to add a little color is a travel decal for the Disneyland Hotel. The graphic features the futuristic Monorail heading to the Hotel with the nice Disneyland Hotel sign.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Totally Minnie Parade- Part 2

Based upon the photographs, this was a very interesting parade. Minnie appears in her Flashdance (or Mousedance) outfit and look. She is definitely on a pedestal.

Some of the characters in the parade were ones not usually seen walking around, including this mouse from Cinderella. She must be sewing the Flashdance outfits for Minnie.

Next up a view of Chip and Dale as DeeJays spinning some wicked tunes.

Final image is of a dancing video, literally dancing videotape. I do have to say that the cans have nice legs.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mariachi Band Casa Mexicana 1980s

The Gonzalez Trio expanded from the 1960s to a full size Mariachi band that played at Casa Mexicana. The photographer really enjoyed the band, snapping several photographs. Put on a classic Mariachi album and enjoy the photographs.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Totally Minnie Parade, Totally Cool?

The totally Minnie parade was a summer parade that lasted a couple of years. I believe these photographs are from 1987. First up are the Country Bears walk around characters dancing in their tutus.

Also marching in the parade was J. Worthington Foulfellow from Pinocchio. He looks very dandy here.

Next up is the Princess float which featured the princesses singing in a girl group like the Shirelles or the Supremes. The backing band is an interesting mix of apes from Jungle Book and the Big Bad Wolf. A concept that does not appear to have worked very well.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Santa's Village in Black and Whte

More lovely images from Santa's Village. First up is a view of Santa's sleigh pulled by reindeer coming out of the tunnel.

Next up is a view of the small castle and the Candy Kitchen in the background.

A view of a swing type ride powered by reindeer. Unfortunately the image is a little wonky (a technical term) in the composition.

Final image is of the group posing in the parking lot at the entrance. I believe the car in the background is blasting his horn to have the people move out of his way.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Disneyland in Color

Three nice images of Disneyland in color. First up an older couple poses in front of the entrance to the Disneyland Alweg Monorail station. The sign for the attraction is very nice.

Next up is a perfect view of the C.K. Holliday pulling into Main Street station.

Final image is the lovely Teacup ride.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Santa's Village in Glorious Black and White 1956

Some nice black and white snap shots from a trip to Santa's Village in 1956. First up is Mom posing with the directional sign at the front entrance of the park.

Next up is my favorite ride at Santa's Village- the Christmas Tree Ornament ride. I like the snow man and the young girl with both vertical and horizontal stripes.

Next up is a view of Santa Claus being paid off to put the young boy on his good list.

A little lost lamb at the Santa's Village wishing well.

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Trip to Santa's Village Part 2

Three more images from a visit to Santa's Village at Lake Arrowhead. First up is a nice shot of Santa's house. I love the color of the house and the wild mushrooms.

Next up are two shots of the Christmas Tree. The thought that the tree is behind glass like an altar or piece of art is really cool. Being behind glass meant the tree was always fresh and green.

Here is a close up, but it is rather shaky and out of focus. I am going to assume a sudden gust of wind hit the photographer.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Trip to Santa's Village Part 1

A nice set of views from Santa's Village located in cool San Bernadino mountains. Set in a nice forest setting near Lake Arrowhead, the memories of visiting this park should cool off my Southern California readers. First up is a neat view of the Bumblebee Monorail in action. The background structures are very North Pole.

Next up another attraction was Santa's Sleigh pulled by actual reindeer. I like the tunnel the sleigh would go through during the ride.

One of my memories from visiting the park is posing at this castle in front of the pools like these kids are doing.

Final image is of a nice picnic at the park.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Souvenir Friday- Welcome to the 1963 Grad Nite

A one page flier which students celebrating their graduation from High School in 1963 received when entering the celebration at Disneyland. Very interesting line up of entertainment options. I personally would be camped out to hear the Firehouse Five Plus Two although the folk duo on the Pirate Ship in Fantasyland also is intriguing. The DJs from swinging Channel 98 also sound entertaining. I want to know where are the great Rock and Roll bands, or even some early soul and R and B bands.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Universal Studios

A small group of 3 photographs from Universal Studios. First up is the old entrance to the attraction.

Next up is a nice image of the cafe at Prop Plaza.

Final image is of a Rose Parade float as seen on the glamour train attraction. Does anyone know the year for this float?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Glorious Black and White April 1956

Though marked April 1956, I believe these pictures were taken prior to that month and sat in the camera for a while. First up is a nice picture of an empty Main Street with the Horse Drawn Trolley in the foreground waiting for paying customers.

Next up is a nice view of the Mark Twain on the Rivers of America. Note on the very left hand side is some construction on Tom Sawyer's Island.

A nice view of the TWA Rocket to the Moon with the plaque at the base of the rocket.

A view of the Chicken of the Sea pirate ship. Notice how much space is there and the lack of crowds.

Final view is of a large drum sitting outside at the Main Entrance. I believe the images were taken during the Christmas Holiday season. The drum has seen some damage from kids climbing on the drum.

A close up of the wagon to the left of the drum. I have not seen this wagon before in any photographs, so I am not sure what it is for. Any ideas?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Knott's Berry Farm in Black and White

Various views from several trips all by the same family to Knott's Berry Farm. First up are two views of the characters on the streets of Ghost Town. I believe these are the most photographed scenes at this theme park. First up is Handsome Brady and Whiskey Bill.

Next up is Marilyn and Cecilia, the dance hall belles.

Three Indian chiefs pose wearing their head dresses. This appears to be at the end of Ghost Town, probably School House Road.

The Seal Pool with a couple of the Seals posing at Old MacDonald's Farm. Note the large barn in the background.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Final Images Of The Family Visit to Disneyland circa 1958

The last three images from the family trip to Disneyland circa 1958. These are all family poses. However, the locations are nice. First up is hot Tomorrowland with the young boys once again shedding their shirts to pose.

Next up is a shot on the fishing pier on Tom Sawyer's Island. The red shirted boy is wearing a nice set of toy badges on his Western design shirt. I believe he is belting out a verse of Davy Crockett.

Last image for today is another part of the family posing on the rock formation on Tom Sawyer's Island. For those planning to attend Dapper Day, check out the nice dresses on the guests who are climbing on the rocks above the family.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Visit to Disneyland and Knott's

More pictures from the family featured yesterday. First up are three images from Disneyland. The family poses outside of the Alice In Wonderland attraction in Fantasyland. Note the two young boys do have their shirts on.

Next up is a nice shot of the fishing pier on Tom Sawyer's Island. Check out the large crowd. I wonder how many of these guests actually caught a fish this day?

Final image of Disneyland is this nice dusk shot of Main Street with the youngest boy eating an Ice Cream. I like the Art Gallery and Photos sign on the street.

Final image is of the family posing at Knott's Berry Farm. I am assuming this is the day after the visit to Disneyland.