Friday, December 30, 2005

1959 Disneyland Santa Fe Railroad Fred Gurley at Main Street Station

Image is of the Disneyland and Santa Fe Railroad engine number 3 the Fred Gurley at the Main Street Station. One of the neat things about this image is that it was actually taken outside of the park as the exit gates can be seen in the lower right hand side of the slide. I wish they would have left up that great exit sign. Also I love the advertising banner over the tunnel for Disneyland 1959. I recommend Steve DeGaetano's book Welcome Aboard the Disneyland Railroad for the definitive history of the Disneyland and Santa Fe Railroad. Image is from a Kodachrome slide dated 1959.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Natures Wonderland Train at Loading Station 1970

Today's image is of the Natures Wonderland train at the loading station. It appears this train set is on the side track and not in use. This afforded the photographer plenty of time to take this wonderful image of the cars. I love how each train car was named for a part of the ride...Saguaro Forest, Bear Country, etc. Also, this is a great view of the little mining town of Rainbow Ridge and how close you used to be able to get to the town. Image is from a Kodachrome slide marked April 1970.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Rainbow Cavern Stage Coach and Mule Pack Ride Load Area 1959

Wonderful image of the load area in the Rainbow Caverns ride area of Frontierland. Image shows where the Disneyland Stage Coaches and Conestoga Wagons would load, in the middle can be seen the area where animal wranglers would load the kids and adults onto their own mules for a trek through the desert and nature, in the back can be seen the small town of Rainbow Ridge, where the trains would load. And in the very far background can be seen the towering Matterhorn mountain. I love the wheel tracks in the dirt from the wagons and Stage Coaches. If you look carfully you can see the green trains for the Rainbow Caverns and the mules ready to go on the dusty trail. For more information about this area and the Mule Pack ride, check out the latest E Ticket magazine. ( Image is from a Kodachrome slide from 1959.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Two Shots of the Holiday Parade Disneyland 1962

The finale of the Holiday Parade images are two of my favorite images. Unfortunately, in both the movement of the parade has slightly blurred the scene. The first is of Japanese Geisha walking the route holding fans. Part of the Holidays Around the World Theme the parade celebrated. I just love the look of all the ladies parading down Main Street in kimonos and walking on geta. The second is an amalgamation of Pinnochio and the Golden Horseshoe Review. The can can girls are marionettes as from Pinnochio I Have No Strings segment and on the front of the float is a giant Golden Horseshoe. And it appears as if Casey Junior has gotten in on the act, pulling the float. As with the previous images, the slides are dated December 1962. Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyous Festivus, Happy Kwanzaa, Greetings of the Winter Solstice and Greetings of the season to include all other celebrations you participate to all of you!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Parade Float with the 3 Fairies Sleeping Beauty 1962

Great parade float Disneyland fire truck being driven by a clown toy soldier with the three Fairies from Sleeping Beauty in the truck. In the trailer is a group of mice caught in a mousetrap and a large Jack in the Box in the final trailer. Still part of the Holiday parade at Disneyland in December of 1962. The toy soldier driving looks like he has a Firehouse 5 plus 2 outfit and hat on. I wish I would have seen this parade as it looks like it was very fun, quirky and had very interesting floats and characters.

Holiday Parade Part Three Twin White Rabbits

A third image from the same Holiday Parade in 1962. This is a shot of the Toy soldiers parade and of twin white rabbits pulling a toy soldier float. Twin white rabbits, that now explains why he could run all over the place and still be on time. A great view none the less of unique floats, I especially like the toy soldier with the balloon. This part of the parade was added to promote Babes in Toyland whose sets were exhibited in the Opera House in the background. Image is from a Kodachrome slide with the date of Dec. 1962.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Fantasyland Section of Holiday Parade 1962

This view shows the Fantasyland section of the Christmas Holiday Parade in 1962. Great outfits of a dancer wearing a horse and knight or princess costume. In the background can be seen a large doll float, a predecessor of the floats used in the America on Parade in 1976. Image is from a slide with a Dec. 1962 date.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Holidays Christmas Parade Main Street

The start of the annual Christmas parade at Disneyland. Wonderful image of the dancers dressed as kids toy blocks spelling out Happy Holidays. In the background can be seen the worlds largest drum. Photo taken from in front of the Main Street Railroad station with the Opera House in the background. Image is from a Kodachrome slide with a December 1962 date. Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's A Small World Exterior Late 1960s

This view is of the exterior of the wonderful Mary Blair designed attraction It's A Small World. Say what you will about the song, this attraction has some of the best color and cutest audio-animotronic characters in existence. View shows the clock from the east side with the topiary in the foreground. Luckily, Disneyland has restored the exterior to the wonderful white and golden spires. Image is from a Kodachrome slide in a white mount from the late 1960s.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

TWA Rocket to the Moon Ride Tomorrowland

This image is a very nice birds eye view from the newly opened Skyway from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland. Image shows the iconic TWA Rocket to the Moon in front of the actual theater where the Rocket to the Moon ride was experienced by Disneyland guests. In the foreground can be seen some of the futuristic seating and great parabolic umbrellas and sun shades along with the futuristic lighting. Great mid-century coloration on the planters as well. On the left hand side can be seen the spinning Astro Orbitor. Image is from a Kodachrome slide.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Red Wagon Inn Restaurant July 1955

Image is of the Red Wagon Inn sponsored and run by the Swifts Premium Meat company of Kansas City. The upscale restaurant at Disneyland during 1955-1965 filled with items salvaged from a local Los Angeles mansion. This is the spot where Walt Disney would entertain bigwigs from various companies and was the site of the 1965 Tencenniel celebration and press conference. And this is one of my favorite places at Disneyland with the best menus and a wonderful attraction poster to boot. Images of this place are tough to find, but images of the true Red Wagon that sat nearby on Main Street at the Swifts Market house is even tougher. All in all, Swifts sponsored three attractions at Disneyland, the Plantation Chicken House, the Red Wagon Inn and the Swifts Market house. This image is from a Kodachrome slide with the date 7-55 written on the back.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Balloon Seller Fantasyland Disneyland July 1955

I will start off with this image of a ballon seller posing in front of King Arthurs carousel in Fantasyland. Image is an original slide with the date of 7-55 written on the back. Great posed shot with the wild balloons that are pre-Mickey Mouse design. I love the sunglasses and the circle skirt. This balloon seller was definitely prior to Disney actually hiring and training employees. He looks like one very scary clown!