Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Rainbow Cavern Stage Coach and Mule Pack Ride Load Area 1959

Wonderful image of the load area in the Rainbow Caverns ride area of Frontierland. Image shows where the Disneyland Stage Coaches and Conestoga Wagons would load, in the middle can be seen the area where animal wranglers would load the kids and adults onto their own mules for a trek through the desert and nature, in the back can be seen the small town of Rainbow Ridge, where the trains would load. And in the very far background can be seen the towering Matterhorn mountain. I love the wheel tracks in the dirt from the wagons and Stage Coaches. If you look carfully you can see the green trains for the Rainbow Caverns and the mules ready to go on the dusty trail. For more information about this area and the Mule Pack ride, check out the latest E Ticket magazine. (http://www.the-e-ticket.com/) Image is from a Kodachrome slide from 1959.

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Anonymous said...

its looking nice with natural spot.


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