Thursday, December 31, 2009

Two Celebrations

Today I am celebrating- celebrating the New Years. However, the images I am posting are of two different celebrations at two different parks. Both however are by the same photographer Mell Kilpatrick. First up is a birthday celebration with the time honored ice cream cake. This was held at the American Dairy Association Milk Bar in Tomorrowland. One cool thing about this image is the kids are using plastic spoons marked for the American Dairy Association in Disneyland. (Yes I have one, and would post it, but cannot find my spoons in the collection.)

The next image is of a proclamation of Walter Knott Day in 1961. The day was commemorated by the planting of trees in various cities in Orange County along with a plaque at each tree. I wonder how many of these trees are still alive and still have the identifying plaque?

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year. Please be safe out there. See you in 2010.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mell Kilpatrick- Orange County Photographer

Most of you have probably seen or own one of the various books published featuring the Disneyland photographs of Mell Kilpatrick. The collection was kind of broken up years ago and I managed to get several images. First up is a rare interior view of Injun Joe's cave on Tom Sawyer's Island. I would assume that this was from the opening day of the island and the caves as Mell covered many events. Mell stamped the reverse of this photo with his address for his photo studio.

Next up is an unusual view of Northwest Pacific Indian totem poles. I know Disneyland had some totem poles by the Indian Village, but the shore just does not look like the Rivers of America. Another thought is at Knott's Berry Farm? Or maybe Mell did take a trip up to Washington and Oregon and snapped this photo and these are real Northwest Pacific Indian totem poles? Any ideas out there?

Sorry about the no post yesterday, the body said sleep not to blog!

Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Years Tradition and A Look Back at Mr. Lincoln

Today I feature two different press photographs. First up is the traditional meeting of the Rose Bowl participants at Disneyland. From the 1966 game in which UCLA beat the number 1 ranked Michigan State 14 to 12, are four stars of the gridiron. The two UCLA stars are Barry Leventhal (now an Academic Dean at Southern Evangelical Seminary) and Jim Colletto (now an offensive line coach back at UCLA after coaching in the Pros) shaking hands with the MSU stars Steve Juday (a runner up for the Heisman trophy and now a businessman) and Don Japinga (now an insurance broker.) Standing between them is the Rose Bowl Queen Carole Cota and tour guide Connie Swanson.

In honor of Mr. Lincoln returning to Disneyland, here is a 1988 press photograph featuring Abe. The caption on the reverse reads: Presidential Salute-- This life-like re-creation of our nation's 16th President highlights "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln," which is offered to guests as a feature of "The Walt Disney Story." Presented by Gulf Oil Corporation, the salute to Abraham Lincoln is showcased in the Main Street Opera House and includes a timeless speech rendered by the Audio-Animatronics figure.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Six Flags Over Mid-America Injun Joe's Cave Dark Ride

Today's flea market was very cold and not well attended. However one vendor who usually has some photos and other paper ephemera was there. In his boxes was this little group of four pictures from an unusual dark ride. With the photographs was a picture of the St. Louis arch. After a little Internet digging, I believe the images are from a dark ride located at Six Flags Over Mid America with the name Mississippi Adventure. Actually the snapshots are from Injun Joe's Cave. The ride was created by Arrow Development. This Six Flags park opened in 1971 and this was one of the rides at the park. The ride closed at the end of 1979 and rethemed to a time tunnel. The park is now named Six Flags St. Louis and features many roller coasters and other rides.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Photographs for Boxing Day

Many times when purchasing slide collections there are other fantastic slides. Since it is boxing day, I have decided to show off a grouping of Christmas images from the classic Americana period. This set is one family celebrating Christmas in 1961 and 1962. First up is 1961 in a room that has the Colonial Design Aesthetic. I love the knotty pine walls. First up reminds me of the line from A Christmas Story- You will shoot your eye out!

Classic 1950s era Christmas Tree.

Caught cracking nuts!

A night shot with the tree lit up.

Christmas 1962 with an aluminum tree and red ball ornaments.

A plethora of Santas.

The traditional tree with lots of presents.

Opening the presents, check out the gifts of booze!

Two Eddie Haskells attending the party.

Tomorrow back to theme parks.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Souvenir Friday- Dining Area Decked Out For the Holidays

I posted the Monorail sign a while ago and got many requests for a picture of the dining area in my house. For the season, I have placed many of my Holiday decorations and collection of vintage plastic Santa Claus figures from the 1950's along with some smaller trees on a Heywood Wakefield sideboard. If you look closely, you can see some Disneyland Tomorrowland items hiding in there along with some other 1950s Space themed toys and figures. The large Delta airplane hanging on the wall came from the old Circle Vision theater when it was sponsored by Delta. The framed piece under the jet is a nice large color photograph of the Submarine Voyage circa 1959.

And just because she is so cute, here is the latest addition to our family, our kitty Molly Bento. We have had her about a month. We adopted her from a local animal shelter.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Very Merry Christmas Parade Part 2

Two more photo stills from the late 1970s parade and then one for the Spanish speaking readers. First up are various Disney characters working at Santa's toy factory.

Next up is Doc working at the North Pole post office, checking the list to see who has been naughty and who has been nice. I hope my readers are on the nice list.

The last image features the big man himself, Santa Claus at the end of the parade. This still is from around 1998 and was included in a packet of stills sent to the Hispanic media.

Hope all my readers have a Happy Holiday!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Very Merry Christmas Parade Part 1

One of the traditions at Disneyland is the annual Candlelight Procession and the reading of the First Christmas. In this undated photograph, Ross Martin who was known as Artemus Gordon from Wild, Wild West was the star to read the First Christmas. Does anyone know the year Mr. Martin was the narrator?

From the same year are these two stills of the parade. First up is the Candy Shop with the Fairy Godmothers leading the float.

The second still is of Mickey Mouse leading the parade in an 1890's style landau with a driver straight out of Dickens.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Country Bear Christmas 1985

Debuting in 1984 was a special show at the Country Bear Jamboree. The bears were redressed and reprogrammed to sing Christmas and Holiday songs. This was always a hit with the crowd, with many singing along. Disneyland publicity published these two images in 1985. First up is a nice group shot of the bear performers featuring the Five Bear Rugs and Gomer in his Elvis glory.

The second image features Gomer in his Elvis glory and Henry the emcee of the show.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Some Random Images for Monday

Today I pulled three random images. First up is a publicity still from The Aristocats. The image shows director Woolie Reitherman showing a publicity still to Maurice Chevalier who sang the theme song.

The second image is from 1941 and is of a hardware store's window display for Christmas. The theme was Dumbo and featured lots of various stuffed animals, including a real Bighorn sheep mounton the far left! I would guess the Dumbo circus display was from Stensgaard and Associates, a manufacturer of many store displays.

The final image is a different pose from the Pitchur Gallery in Knott's Ghost Town. The main reason I am showing this photo is to let you know of a new website featuring Knott's Berry Farm: Knott's Preserved. The website is to promote the book by Chris Merritt on the history of Knott's. The site showcases many of the photographs that were cut during the editing of the book. I recommend a visit for some great history.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Views of Children's Fairyland 1968

More images from Children's Fairyland in Oakland California. First up is Oswald the Bubble elf. The elf blows some fantastic bubbles.

Located close to Oswald is Ching Lung the Happy Dragon

Staying with the Dragon theme is the Dragon slide.

Next up a show is happening at the Aesop's Theater with what appears to be a magician.

Another view of the theater with a crowd watching. The fashion on display is quite fun.

Although not a Fairy tale, Robinson Crusoe found a home at the park.

Here is a nice Alice themed location. This is the home of the Walrus and Carpenter.

My favorite slide is the exit to the Alice In Wonderland tunnel. This is a very surrealistic exhibit.

Luckily most of the sets still exist, including the Humpty Dumpty wall.

For those interested, Oakland maintains a nice website for the park. If you are heading to San Francisco to visit the Walt Disney Family museum, this would be a fantastic side trip.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Children's Fairyland Oakland

A visit to Children's Fairyland on the shores of Lake Merritt in Oakland, California in 1968. I have been in Oakland several times but have never made it to Children's Fairyland. The buildings were designed by William Russell Everett. The park is still open and only costs $7.00 for entrance and all rides. First up is a nice image of Hey Diddle Diddle The Cow Jumped Over the Moon.

Next is Goosey, Goosey Gander.

My favorite is Willie the Whale. As can be seen in the second image, kids can walk down the steps to meet Willie close up. As the advertising for the Fairyland states, Willie actually squirts water.

Also in this group was this image of a large modern sculpture and playground structure in the shape of a giant grasshopper. I believe this is also at Lake Merritt park in Oakland.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Souvenir Friday- Fun Postcards

Today's souvenir items are wonderful and fun postcards. First up is an oversize postcard with Donald Duck driving Casey Junior. Donald is a flicker attachment and changes his expression.

Next up are two of my favorite squeaker postcards. First is a formal portrait of Donald Flaunteroy Duck. This has a nice squeak.

My two favorite villianess cats, Si and Am having fun wreaking havoc at Disneyland.