Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Views of Children's Fairyland 1968

More images from Children's Fairyland in Oakland California. First up is Oswald the Bubble elf. The elf blows some fantastic bubbles.

Located close to Oswald is Ching Lung the Happy Dragon

Staying with the Dragon theme is the Dragon slide.

Next up a show is happening at the Aesop's Theater with what appears to be a magician.

Another view of the theater with a crowd watching. The fashion on display is quite fun.

Although not a Fairy tale, Robinson Crusoe found a home at the park.

Here is a nice Alice themed location. This is the home of the Walrus and Carpenter.

My favorite slide is the exit to the Alice In Wonderland tunnel. This is a very surrealistic exhibit.

Luckily most of the sets still exist, including the Humpty Dumpty wall.

For those interested, Oakland maintains a nice website for the park. If you are heading to San Francisco to visit the Walt Disney Family museum, this would be a fantastic side trip.


walterworld said...

Great pair of posts on Children's Fairyland!

Glad to hear that much of it is still preserved today; I need to pay a visit with the kids...


The Viewliner Limited said...

Matterhorn, I will be visiting family for the next couple of weeks. So I would like to take this time to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. PEACE! ~ Richard.

Chris Jepsen said...
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Chris Jepsen said...

Thanks for a great post on a place I'd never heard of before.

Some of this -- especially the dragon slide, the whale, and the playgrounds -- reminds me of Atlantis Playpark in Garden Grove.

Headexplodie said...

Thank you so much for posting these wonderful photos! I'm actually in charge of preserving a lot of the old sets in the park, so it was quite a pleasure to see what some of these pieces used to look like. The puppet theater is actually called the Storybook Puppet Theater. Aesop's Playhouse is the new kids community theater built last year. And that is the locally famous, Popo the Clown entertaining the crowd before the show! Anyway, once again, thanks for sharing, it's always inspirational to see old color schemes and designs.

Tony Jonick said...

Wow! Some great photos, including the best color shot I've seen of the nursery rhyme wall. The "Magician" is PoPo the Clown doing his show at the Open Storybook Puppet theater.

K Brewer said...

I visited Fairyland many times as a young girl,12 in the late 60"s and early 70"s. My family took many pictures of me in the park. I will have to look up my old pictures and compare to yours. Thanks for taking me back in time.