Thursday, March 31, 2016

Two Leftovers

I found one more image from Santa's Village on November 28, 1958. The photographer really liked the entrance and took three images of the candy cane signpost. This is the third image, one a little closer than the others.

The second image is from a Walt Disney World trip and features the iconic Cinderella's Castle.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Walt Disney World Photographs

Two kind of meh photographs from Walt Disney World. First up is from a parade down Main Street with a rare character in the middle of the image. Yes, there is a live skunk in the middle of the street...Flower from Bambi.

The second image is of the ornate Victorian style railroad station. This photo was taken from the second story of the Omnibus (that were imported from Disneyland and a second set was made for Disneyland.)


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Last Two Photographs of Santa's Village November 28, 1958

The last two images from the visit to Santa's Village in Lake Arrowhead in California on November 28, 1958. The first view shows another view of the Doll Shop. This is from the opposite side of yesterday's photo and is from a slightly elevated view. I still love the flower detail over the main show window.

The final image is of the entrance/exit with the great large building and of course the nice Candy Cane sign post. I hope you enjoyed this visit to Santa's Village, a nice little theme park that will hopefully rise again one day as promised by the new owners.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Santa's Village Structures 1958

Two views of structures at Santa's Village during November 28, 1958. First up is the Schoolhouse with a lovely crooked bell tower. The school house is in a great setting filled with large trees.

Next is a lovely view of the Doll shop. Some wonderful dolls are in the window and the decoration is perfect for the shop, especially the garland of flowers over the top of the window.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Souvenir Friday-Santa's Village Signs

When the Santa's Village closed in Lake Arrowhead, the park was up for sale via auction. Although I did not get a chance to go to the auction, I heard many items went for some significant money. The big surprise was the amount spent on the mushrooms. A couple of months after the auction, an antique dealer had a stash of the wooden signs used throughout the park. My friend told me about the signs and I headed to the store and purchased the signs along with some unused stationary and elf hats. The signs now hang in my stairwell heading down the basement. First sign up is for the Bumblebee Monorail, one of my favorite rides from Santa's Village.

Next is the directional sign for the antique car ride. This was a lovely Arrow car ride.

Do you know the way to Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach? This sign will direct you.

The park also had a fun bobsled roller coaster.

A fun place to visit was the Pebble Candy Mine where one could purchase lovely candies.

But we cannot go there as the mine is closed due to a cave in.

And let's take a final ride on the Magic Train.

Have a Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Toys and Candy Santa's Village 1958

First up is the About Time Toy shop. The photographer was intrigued by the mechanical clock and I am intrigued by the jacket the man in the middle is wearing.

The second image is of the great jack in the box in front of the Candy Kitchen. I like the various holidays depicted on the box and the font for the Candy Kitchen.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Two Make Up for Yesterday

So this first image was not co-operating yesterday...and it is a great image of a Continental Airlines Jetliner in 1960 at the gate.

The second image is of the sign in Alaska for Lake LeBarge, as made famous in the poem "The Cremation of Sam McGee" by Robert Service.

Ornament Ride and Grandmother's Bakery 1958

Today's photographs from the November 28, 1958 visit to Santa's Village. First up is a final image of the ornament ride with the guests having fun.

The second image shows the Grandmother's Bakery. A store that was a treat for all the kids and kids at heart. Note the Jack O'Lantern in the lower left hand side of the image. The roof looks like yummy pink icing.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Christmas Tree Ornament Ride November 28, 1958

The first image is a nice overall view of the Christmas Tree Ornament ride at Santa's Village. This with the Bumblebee Monorail was my favorite ride at Santa's Village. I am very happy that the North Pole in Colorado has the same ride.

The second image is a closer view. The mom and daughter riding the blue ornament appear to having a great time.

Both of these slides are from the same trip in 1958 as the last two images I posted yesterday.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Santa's Village Big Bear November 28, 1958 Entrance

Two images of the entrance to Santa's Village in Lake Arrowhead California in 1958. The slides are marked for November 28, 1958 and feature the entrance to Santa's Village. I like the sign post in the front entrance. Note the iconic mushrooms strewn throughout the grounds as well.

The second image shows the park side of the entrance. Although rather dark, the landscaping is nice and green with some lovely mushrooms.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Souvenir Friday- Walt Disney Bust

A really cool souvenir from Mexico is this white bust of Walt Disney. Made out of fairly heavy plaster, the front is marked Walt Disney and the reverse is marked for the manufacturer Fesa, Mexico and AriKon. I believe this is from the 1970s. The bust looks nice among my three dimensional collection.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Window On Main Street- Renie Conley

The original window on Main Street for Renie Conley. Renie designed the original character costumes used at Disneyland, the ones borrowed from the Shipstead and Johnston Ice Follies. Later, she designed many of the costumes for Disneyland. She designed the lovely gowns worn in the Golden Horse ouhoe Review. Her career was long and distinguished in the movies. As you can see, the original painting reads Milaly and later painting reads Milady. I also had to figure out what Picoting was- it is the adding of the edge to lace. I like the peaked architectural element over the window.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Window on Main Street- Bruce Bushman and Don Dagradi

A great close view of the fun window for Bruce Bushman and Don Dagradi. The ship model painting is very nice with a cartoon style.

Due to technical difficulties yesterday, my faithful readers get two posts today.

Two Views Fantasyland Pirate Ship

Two different views of the Fantasyland Pirate Ship. The first picture is from 1965 and features a side view of the ship. I like the all the cannons and the foreground landscape rock. I also don't remember seeing the anchor up in prior photographs.

The second image is from the late 1970s and features a different side view. The ship aged well and looks just as pretty as it did years before.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Monorail Track 1969

The photographer enjoyed taking pictures of the Monorail track. First up is a view of Monorail Yellow in the Tomorrowland station. The sign for the Submarine Voyage attraction and Disneyland Monorail Station is nice. On the posts there appears to be posters, but I can see when I zoom in.

The second photograph is of the entrance to Disneyland with the prominent Monorail track. On the post is the attraction poster for the Matterhorn. The car waiting to pick up passengers appears to be a 1967 Mercury Cougar.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Souvenir Friday- Tour Guide Ticket Booth Poster

One of the Disneyland innovations was to have tour guides take guests around the park telling them about Disneyland. This was an extra cost so Disneyland placed advertising posters up at the ticket booth. Guests could read about the tour and hopefully spend the extra money. This poster is from circa 1965 as the program was 8 years old at the time and the new attraction was it's a small world.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lovely Ladies on Main Street

Just a note, I was having some technical difficulties yesterday so you will see two posts today. This post features some photographs of lovely ladies working and enjoying Main Street. First up is a shot of two California blondes working as tour guides. Being the consummate guest relationship experts, they have struck a pose for the photographer. In the background is the old Main Street Hotel and the Magic Shop. It looks like the two tour guides were heading to lunch at the Inn Between.

Next up is a group of guests really enjoying the popcorn and popcorn machine on Main Street. The gentleman has spent 40 cents for fresh popped buttered popcorn. The young lady in the middle appears to be wearing coral lipstick. Is coral lipstick still a color that is used these days?

Two Views of the Skyway

Two different views of the Skyway. The first image is a moody image taken in Tomorrowland featuring the pre-1965 round buckets passing in front of the Douglas version of the Rocket to the Moon and the Astro Jets. Unfortunately the snapshot has a little damage right in the middle of the image.

The second photograph today is from the second version of the skyway with rectangular buckets. We are heading towards the Matterhorn and Fantasyland is underneath us. In the distance is the Grand Hotel.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Big Bad Wolf and the Pigs

Two snapshots from different trips featuring the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs. The characters were introduced in 1933 and were an immediate hit. The song was a hit and much merchandise was sold featuring the characters. The pigs and wolf are still featured on many toys, figurines and more. First up a hungry Wolf wants to eat two young guests in Fantasyland. If the Wolf does not eat them, Monstro in the background may eat them.

The second view is of the Three Little Pigs walking through Tomorrowland. On the right hand side is the Flight Circle with the Space Bar in the background. It looks like the pigs are doing a dance routine.

Monday, March 07, 2016

A Visit With Snow White and Dwarves

One of the innovative changes to amusement parks that made Disneyland a theme park is the chance to meet animated characters. Walt knew that his animated characters were beloved by guests, so he created meet and greet encounters with the characters. From the beginning, there was a definite evolution as the characters became closer to the film versions. The Disney studio's first major hit was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The characters have appeared at Disneyland for many years and have always delighted guests as can be seen in the two photographs. First up is a young girl meeting Snow, Dopey and Doc. Everyone is smiling broadly.

The second image features a grandmother and grandfather with broad smiles meeting Bashful.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Souvenir Friday- 1961 Magic Kingdom Club Flyer

Many have probably read that Jack Lindquist passed away recently. One of his innovations was the creation of the Magic Kingdom club to increase attendance. This ticket flyer for Winter 1961 extols one of the great benefits of the Magic Kingdom club was the tickets allowed admission to any attraction. My grandparents were long time members of the Magic Kingdom club and I remember this ticket books and also later on the tags that allowed us to ride any rides without any tickets.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Frontierland Views

Two snapshots from Frontierland. First up is an interesting view of the Indian Village with a full capacity Columbia in the background. I like the dancer's multi color shirt.

The second image is of a group of mule skinners coming back into Rainbow Ridge. The now hardened and experienced cowboys look like a rough bunch. I wonder if the cast member went as far as to roll his own cigarettes for authenticity.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Start of Nature's Wonderland Railroad

Today's image is a you are there picture of the start of the Nature's Wonderland Railroad attraction. The train starts in the small mining town of Rainbow Ridge. The cultural landmark the Opera House is front and center. Also there is an empty mule pack passing behind the buildings of Rainbow Ridge.

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

On the Main Street Trolley

A nice look at the Horse Drawn Trolley on Main Street. It looks like the Mad Hatter made some money that day.

A closer look at the picture where the young girl is holding a nice large ticket book, her brother is wearing a Keppy Kap and the trolley has a trash can as a rider. Both kids have such a fantastic Disneyland happy expression.