Monday, July 17, 2017

Opening Day 1955

Today is the 62nd anniversary of Press Preview Day for Disneyland. Opening on July 17, 1955, Disneyland ushered in a new entertainment form that is still evolving. I have pulled various press preview day items to present today. First up is the rare parking sticker for that day.

Next up is the scarce gold pass. Usually given to other studio executives, financial and other mover and shakers in the film world. This ticket allowed the bearer to write how many guests, I have seen one with 99 written on it...

Selected individuals received tickets and memos to ride on the trains during the opening ceremony. This is for the freight train, I have not seen one for the passenger train, but I would think there would be one.

For those participating in the parade 62 years ago, they received a rather plain ticket. Much more scarce than any other opening day ticket, but not as graphic.

And a couple of related documents. First up is a thank you letter to Jimmy Starr who was the entertainment reporter for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. He may have been biased as he also had a shop located next to the Opera House called Show Business.

One of my favorite pieces is this advertisement that ran in a San Diego area newspaper with the opening day to the public listed as Monday July 18th. Make sure you read the ad copy. This most likely ran on the Saturday or Sunday prior to the 18th.

Happy anniversary Disneyland and everyone who will be in the park today, have a great time!