Sunday, December 31, 2006

More Disneyland Models

The first photograph is of Walt Disney holding a model of a Jungle Cruise launch with the concept artwork for the entrance to Adventureland in the background and some African masks anf an elepahnt model sitting on the shelf. I believe this image is from Disneyland: A Progress Report/Natures Half Acre shown on television in 1955.

The second image is of the iconic Disneyland model, Sleeping Beauty Castle. It appears the model was used to promote the Disneyland Television Show in ABC Channel 7 in Los Angeles. I believe this photograph may have been taken at a convention or maybe even the Los Angeles County Fair. The map in the background is a nice touch. This model has appeared in various retrospective museum shows.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

SOP Saturday- Gulf Oil Gas Stations

What does Gulf have to do with Disney and a Disney SOP? In the early 1970s, Gulf was a corporate sponsor and corporate partner with Disney. Gulf constructed Total Car Care Centers at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Both of these new service stations were of a modern design that was to become the model for all Gulf stations across the country. WED was involved in the design of the service stations and the Gulf employees were treated as cast members. Not only were they gas stations, but information centers and repair centers. Gulf went further and sponsored the Walt Disney Story at Disneyland after Lincoln Savings had dropped the sponsorship. Gulf also sponsored the same attraction at Walt Disney World. And in a final tie in, Gulf published a premium Disney magazine available at Gulf gas stations with a fill up of the gas tank. This SOP is also unique in the colors and in the '70s style graphics. Some of the characters in the gas station attendant uniforms are definitely unusual, especially Pinnochio. The SOP was published in 1971.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Souvenir Friday- New Years Advertising Poster 1962

A great graphic poster advertising the Gala New Years Eve Party at Disneyland. The event featured entertainment by the Elliott Brothers and Their Orchestra, Firehouse Five plus Two, The Spaceman, Jimmy Henderson Orchestra, The Young Men From New Orleans, and also included a special Midnite spectacular as well as Hats and Noisemakers for everyone. It must have been on very happy event looking at all the smiling guests in their party hats and noisemakers.

Since I am in the middle of another storm I decided to bulk up this post with three images of Disney models over the years. The first image is of Joe Grant's model shop with Robert Benchley on a tour. I wish I could walk into that model shop and choose one model, the model would be the Casey Junior sitting in the back.

The second is a picture of the Pirates of the Caribbean model. I believe this is the one that Walt rides through in the 1965 Tencenniel Special.

The final picture is a fairly modern one showing Imagineer Jon Foster putting the finishing touches on Gadget's Go Coaster and Donald Duck's boat "Miss Daisy." Mickey's Toontown opened in 1993 with a gala event. Several of the attractions opened at that time have now joined Yesterland including Chip and Dales Slide and Nut Crawl, Jolly Trolley and Goofy's Bounce House. I don't think Jon wore the Mickey Mouse hat when at work.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Walt and The Submarine Voyage

Today's images are from an article that was published about the new Submarine Voyage ride. I believe the gentleman taking notes is the reporter who wrote the story. Unfortunately I do not know which publication the article appeared. It is interesting to see that the whole Submarine Voyage was storyboarded the same as an animated cartoon.

The second image is of Walt holding one of the Octopus' tentacles. This creature is clearly shown in the new DVD Your Host Walt Disney. The footage of the Submarine Voyage on the Disneyland '59 telecast is amazing, showing the ride in its earliest state. The animation for many of the creatures used compressed air being blown through the figure and the resistance of the water. It is a very effective look, especially when seen from the porthole of the Submarine. In the background are some more storyboard sketches and renderings of sea creatures to be placed into the ride.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Walt and Nature's Wonderland Models

Continuing on with photos of Walt and various models are two images of some of the Nature'w Wonderland models at the WED Model shop. The top shows the spouting geysers in the Rainbow Desert portion of the ride. I love the use of cotton to simulate the blowing steam from the geyser. I am not sure who the gentleman showing the model is, maybe Chris can help me here?

The next image shows Walt with a mock up of one of the Beavers from Beaver Valley. Unfortunately this photo was damaged years ago, giving Walt a spotted look. It is still nice to see him interacting with his toys. Also I like seeing Walt wearing his Smoke House Tree ranch ties.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Walt And Two Models of the Matterhorn

With his love of miniatures, Walt Disney must have loved walking around and visiting the model shop of WED. He also loved the character model shop at the studio and in his TV set office, there are usually some of the character maquettes on window sills and on top of bookshelves as there must have been in his real office. These two images show Walt with two different Matterhorn models. The first is one that shows the complex track work for the thrilling bobsled ride, with what looks like brown Kraft paper on top showing the rock work. The bottom one shows the relationship between Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Matterhorn. Pinned on the wall are various photographs of the real Matterhorn in Switzerland as well as concept sketches. In both pictures Walt appears to be having a great time.

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Jolly Man in the Red Suit

Hello All- Merry Christmas wishes for you all. I hope the jolly man in the bright red suit with fur trim came dashing on his sled and visited you. And he left exactly what you wanted....

From the finale of the 1959 Christmas in Many Lands Parade. Evidently at that time period, Santa had to be protected by one of Disneyland's finest security guards!

From the end of the Christmas parade in the early 1960s. I love the balloons coming down.

The parade float featuring Santa Claus surrounded by bell players and lots and lots of stuffed animals. This one is from the end of the 1976 Christmas Parade.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Four Great Views of Christmas Parade

Here are four great views of the Christmas Parade at Disneyland. I believe the top two are from 1961, the year Babes In Toyland was released or 1962 the year that the Babes in Toyland attraction was in Disneyland. The bottom two are a bit later and could be from any number of years as the parade did not change much. I love that characters from Fantasia were used for the parade. All of these are Disneyland publicity shots from the time period.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Snow Delay- Souvenir Friday Shirt and SOP Saturday Ticket Sellers

Well I have now dug out the cars several times and driven on snow pack roads witnessing several stuck city busses and a UPS truck. Yesterday's Souvenir Friday post is a Mickey Mouse T shirt still in its original bag. A usual Christmas gift is socks and underwear, but seeing this shirt with the smiling Mickey Face would have been a thrill for some child. This must have not fit as the bag was never opened and the shirt is folded as neatly as the day it was manufactured. The bag still has the original Disneyland price tag attached.

Today's Standard Operating Procedure manual is one developed in 1959 for Ticket Sellers. The SOP really stresses the importance of the job and cash control, but also selling including information on guided tours, attractions and the ins and outs of ticket books. I like the spot illustrations spread throughout the SOP.