Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Walt And Two Models of the Matterhorn

With his love of miniatures, Walt Disney must have loved walking around and visiting the model shop of WED. He also loved the character model shop at the studio and in his TV set office, there are usually some of the character maquettes on window sills and on top of bookshelves as there must have been in his real office. These two images show Walt with two different Matterhorn models. The first is one that shows the complex track work for the thrilling bobsled ride, with what looks like brown Kraft paper on top showing the rock work. The bottom one shows the relationship between Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Matterhorn. Pinned on the wall are various photographs of the real Matterhorn in Switzerland as well as concept sketches. In both pictures Walt appears to be having a great time.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that first photo is amazing. Like Walt, I love seeing those models as well!

Anonymous said...

i have never seen that first model before, that is very cool. i remember the interior of the matterhorn when i was very young, with all of the exposed superstructure and tracks.

Anonymous said...

its really nice models. looking great.


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