Monday, December 04, 2006

Main Street Christmas Tree 1963

From the same Long Beach newspaper is this nice publicity photograph of the 60 foot tall Christmas Tree placed at Town Square. I love the action with the back of the Horse Drawn Trolley and City Hall in a soft light. Onc nice thing is that the tradition of this tree has not changed much. Disneyland still picks a nice tree and have not over indulged with the decorations although there are more presents under the tree now.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Christmas at Disneyland! Main Street and New Orleans Square both look awesome. Especially at night! I love it when the park is just about to close and the streets are relatively empty.

Anonymous said...

The tree you show actually looks real; the ones they've had the last few years look pretty fake. I was shocked this weekend to find out that the darn thing IS real. However, I was also told that they "fill it out" with extra sprigs to make it look fuller. The ornaments in your photo also look more tasteful, and less crammed on. Still, the Candlelight Processional was phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

I have also been informed that the Christmas tree is actually painted - - no joke - - to maintain its evergreen appearance over several months. And I agree it is awfully loaded with stuff. Still impressive though!