Sunday, December 17, 2006

Two Christmas Around the World Parade Views 1960

Two more views of the same parade as yesterday, this time of Venezuala and of Italy. This appears to have been a very interesting parade with all the various Christmas outfits from around the world. I know that various groups in the Southern California area participated as I have a couple of plaques given to the groups in appreciation of their participation.

Also for Major Pepperidge is another view of the Slue Foot Sue sign. I think we should all start a petition to bring back the sign! I wonder if the sign is still in the shops at the back of the park? Sorry about the color as the slides have turned very blue...and they are on Kodachrome stock which usually holds the color better.


DisneyDutchman said...

Very nice pics Matterhorn!! I think the sign has probably been secreted from the Park and is now hanging in some ones game room above their JUICE bar!! Thanks again for some more awsome pics!!

P.S. I hope you don't mind me correcting some of the information thats posted-What you guys are doing posting these images is more important than just the obvious entertainment value - you have taken on the responsibility of adding to the documented early History of Disneyland - something Disney should have done many many years ago!! When people now want additional information about attractions long past they go to Google and search and your Blogs appear in the results-and it will be that way for as long as you keep your blog available!! You are now an Internet Reference!! WOW!!Thanks so much for all of your efforts!!! DD

Anonymous said...

These parade pics are great, matterhorn! And I just remembered that I have some "backstage" photos (also from 1960) of kids and marching bands getting ready for the "Christmas Around the World" parade. Maybe we'll see some of the same people in my slides as in yours. I'll try to start putting some up tomorrow.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Hey D.D.- no worries about the corrections, I appreciate that the blog is read seriously. I definitely do not know everything and make assumptions and guesses at locations and dates based upon the image and the other items I purchase with the slides and photos.