Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Disneyland Christmas at Night 1955

Today's images are of Christmas at Disneyland during night. The first is a beauty shot of Sleeping Beauty Castle. This is one of my favorite shots of the castle, it just looks so perfect with the lighting and the lights over the drawbridge.

A lovely night shot of the Christmas Tree in the Pavilion Hub.

Main Street from the Pavilion Hub towards the Main Street Railroad Station. Unfortunately a little blurry from the photographer movement, but it still captures the lights and Christmas spirit. Due to the lack of people in the shot, I would guess this was taken right after closing.

In looking at this photo, I do not believe it is Disneyland. However it was with the other slides in the collection. It may be the tree at the photographers home. I will let you decide if it is in Disneyland or not. Or if the lights in the background are of Disneyland or just the city?


Merlinsguy said...

The Main Street shot might have been taken after a "hose down" rather than after a rain. Especially since the shot seems to have been taken after closing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful night photos...and from 1955, wow! Love the Main Street shot, too bad the photographer jiggled.

I agree, the red tree is probably not Disneyland. The lights behind it look like city lights, to me anyway!

wdi33 said...

I think that the tree IS at Disneyland! it Looks like i was one of the white trees that surrounded the Gazebo for the Christmas Bowl. You can also see some Victorian Gingerbreading near the upper right of the photo. Probably the roofline of either the Plaza Pavilion or the Re Wagon Inn. ou can also see the white fencing in the far left of the 2nd Christmas Bowl photo.

wdi33 said...
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