Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Decorations Circarama 1956

This is the opposite side of yesterday's photograph. The decorators did a nice job, putting Merry Xmas on one side and Happy New Year on the other. The Time Clock of the World being lit up is another image that is very difficult to locate. The Tomorrowland of the 1950s was definitely set in its time period with the atomic symbol, the geomertic shapes of the ornaments and the boxy buildings with minimum ornamentation. All those in favor of returning Tomorrowland back to this optimistic and fun view?


Anonymous said...

Wow, this really is a "mirror image" of yesterday's photo! I love the atom symbol as well (can't help but think of the Disney film, "Our friend the atom"). This photographer must have knows what they were doing, I can't tell you how many night slides I have from the 60's that show practically nothing!

DisneyDutchman said...

Matterhorn these are two absolutely awsome pics!!!! These have to be 1955 because there are no flagpoles (Avenue of Flags was sometime between Jan and March 1956) by either of the buildings. Fantastic rare views!!!! Thank You so much!! DD

Chris Merritt said...

I'd LOVE to return this to Tomorrowland!!!!