Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Views of the River

Continuing the showcasing of the images from the Treehouse loving family, here are some nice views of the Rivers of America. First off is a nice shot from the Tom Sawyer Rafts loading dock of the Old Mill and the rest of Frontierland and New Orleans Square.

A similar shot from the Exit of the Tom Sawyer Rafts.

A photograph from one of the famous Kodak Picture spots. I like the sign with the cameraman hanging off of the sign.

Another view of the Rivers of America with painters out in full force making sure the lights are a nice green color.

And just because I found it and scanned it, an orphan photograph that should have been with the Views from a Peoplemover, the hub from the Peoplemover.

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Family Visit to Disneyland 1970

Revisiting the family that loved Tom's Treehouse, here is the family in various places throughout the park. The family also appears to have been collectors of souvenirs, such as the lei from the Tahitian Terrace, the I Like Disneyland Flasher button and one of the plastic viewers with scenes of Disneyland. First we see the two little girls on Main Street, playing with the viewer. The group of boys behind them look like a modern Indie Rock band- maybe the Foo Fighters?

The next two images are of the family in an almost deserted New Orleans Square. The first image is at the western entrance with the Creole Cafe on the left.

The second image is in front of the Blue Bayou. Check out the ticket books and brochure in the front pockets.

The final group of images are from the walkway to It's A Small World. I like the look of this area at this time, so uncluttered and easier to walk through.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Old Time Amusement Park Image Elitch Gardens, Denver Colorado

Found at the local Flea Market yesterday is this fantastic image of a small scale steam engine with cars in a wooded setting. Noted on the back is Taken at Elitch's Garden July 23, 1898.

Eltich's Gardens was a local amusement park that opened as gardens in 1890. Slowly attractions were added, including a summer theater that hosted world class plays along with coasters, kiddie park and more. One of the first rides was this small scale live steam engind. It appears the kids are part of a birthday celebration. I do know this picture will be placed with the other Colorado amusement park items I have picked up since moving here to Denver.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Painting the Peter Pan Ride Mural

A fantastic pre-opening photograph of the painting of the ride load mural at Peter Pan. I love the perspective of the city of London and in the foreground the tops of the chimneys. The photograph is marked on the back for a C.W. "Vic" Culina. On a quick look on the net, I was not able to find anything out about the photographer. I am going to assume the painting took place at the park rather than the studio. Anybody want to hazard a guess who the painters are?

Thanks to Dan at Mr. Toast for the image.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Souvenir Friday- Disneyland Slide Puzzles

A common and inexpensive toy of the late 1950s and early 1960s were slide puzzles. Some were just putting numbers in sequence and others were pictorial. Many cartoon, monster and TV characters had slide puzzles. Disneyland of course was not going to miss a sales oppurtunity and had three slide puzzles available for purchase. First off is Mickey doing his best Atlas impersonation and holding up Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

Next up is Donald with Chip and Dale.

The third is Tinkerbell in her familar TV show opening pose.

I like that the front design is repeated on the back as if you were going to forget what the completed puzzle looks like.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Entrance to Tomorrowland

Not as thrilling as yesterday's post, but still a nice reminder of how the 1967 Tomorrowland looked. The land was much more inviting and more kinetic. Plus I just can't stop looking at the fashion!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Views From a Peoplemover- 1970

When Disneyland fanatics get together, one topic that usually comes up is what is your favorite attraction that is now gone. The Peoplemover in Tomorrowland is usually in the top 5 ot that list. The ride was a slow, graceful ride through and over Tomorrowland. During the ride, one could rest and relax. Many people enjoyed the length of the ride as it gave them time to take a load off of their feet. Others enjoyed the unique views of Tomorrowland. In later years, effects were added to the tunnels including a nice Tron themed tunnel.
Here are some views taken by the family that loved Tom's Treehouse. All of these were taken from within the Peoplemover ride vehicles. First off is a view of the castle with the alpine gardens to the right (once home to the house of the future.)

A view of the Carousel of Progress and the Coca Cola Tomorrowland restaurant and stage.

The Autopia track and the Motorboat Cruise.

Leaving the Peoplemover station with the Rocket Jets overhead.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tom's Treehouse Part 2

I will say the family loved having their photo taken on the Treehouse.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tom's Treehouse Part I

One of the places on Tom Sawyer's Island that has not been "piratized" is Tom's Tree House. Once the highest point in Disneyland, the attraction still offers a nice view of Frontierland and New Orleans Square. It is always fun to climb up the tree and look out through the windows, and to think you are in a tree fort. These images are from the 1970s, check out the fantastic Hawaiian shirt and suit jacket combinatioin.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Photo Class Assignment- Black and White Photograph

One of my favorite type of photographs to buy are from when people would take a photography class. This was either in High School or in College. Inevitably one of the assignments would be take some black and white photographs of someplace interesting. If the person was close to Disneyland, 8 times out of 10 they would go to Disneyland. Today's images date from the mid-1970's. The first shows the Popcorn cart on Main Street, more specifically Town Square. In the background is the Omnibus (which we shall soon see in close up) and The Walt Disney Story with Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln. I like the metal drip pan laid underneath the popcorn stand so the cooking oil does not mar the sidewalk. It looks like Disneyland just went to Pep Boys and purchased one.

The second photo was a mind blower for me. I love the signage on the side of the Omnibus, especially the Bear Country Jamboree sign. If you compare that to earlier images of the Omnibus, the Bear Country sign was added.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stuff From the Park Flashback- Yacht Bar

One of the most interesting finds was documentation on the Yacht Bar. Located next to the original lagoon in Tomorrowland, the small quick service restaurant had little documentation. The restaurant was demolished in 1967 to make way for the Tomorrowland of the time. The first image is of the Yacht Bar front.

The next two images are of the interior with great advertising signs for the sandwiches and other quick meals.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flashback- Aunt Jemima Pancake Races

Disneyland has always had unique stunts to attract publicity. In the early years it was the Ken-L-Ration Dog show, Zorro Days and Pancake Races. More recent events have been the hula hoop record, the million balloons and now for 2010, volunteerism to earn your way into Disneyland. But let's go back to the Pancake Races. Here are several views of the racers behind the scene practicing as well as actually racing on Main Street. The final two images are of the winner and a contestant with Aunt Jemima from Aunt Jemima's Kitchen in Frontierland. I believe some of the film footage was shown at D23.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stuff From the Park Flashback

Since I am away from my scanner, I have decided to re-run some of my favorite images from the past years. Today's are of a long wall in Adventureland that was covered with attraction posters. There are some really outstanding attraction posters on display in these images.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Black and White View and D23

A nice view of Tomorrowland from the same series of black and white views. On the left hand side if the Flight Circle and the right had side is the Space Bar.
As most of you know, I was selling at the D23 Expo for the last 4 days. The event was from what I can tell a success. The crowds on Thursday were very good for a first time show, Friday was a little slow but Saturday and Sunday were busy with many attendees. In fact on Sunday, as I was packing up one person was still going through my boxes of stuff....
The events and talks were all very good from what I heard. I tried to get into the Sherman Brothers talk on Thursday, but it was full. I did attend two as I wrote in a previous post, and both were excellent. Several friends attended the seminars on Sunday and said the DeFore history of the Silver Banjo was informative and entertaining. I was a little underwhelmed with the display from the Archives, which mainly consisted of props and costumes and not much historical items. The Theme Park display of the imagineering models, the first Lincoln and Bill Justice's programming control panel were outstanding. The roller coaster and haunted house attraction being planned for Hong Kong Disneyland looked fun and make me want to head to Hong Kong when the rides are completed. For a first time event it was well run and load out was a breeze (I thought it was going to be more difficult.) I saw many of my friends and fellow collectors and had a fantastic dinner with John, the creator of the Secret Tour of Disneyland DVD, Tim of Vintage Disneyland Tickets, Amazon Belle, Major Pepperidge from Gorillas Don't Blog and Michael. Thanks and Hello to all the people who stopped by. I do appreciate the thanks and that is one reason all of us bloggers keep posting.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

One more Black and White Image

A nice POV from the Skyway of the Mad Tea Party. Today is the last day for D23. I hope it runs smoothly. Met several fans of the site yesterday, thanks for the compliments!