Sunday, September 27, 2009

Old Time Amusement Park Image Elitch Gardens, Denver Colorado

Found at the local Flea Market yesterday is this fantastic image of a small scale steam engine with cars in a wooded setting. Noted on the back is Taken at Elitch's Garden July 23, 1898.

Eltich's Gardens was a local amusement park that opened as gardens in 1890. Slowly attractions were added, including a summer theater that hosted world class plays along with coasters, kiddie park and more. One of the first rides was this small scale live steam engind. It appears the kids are part of a birthday celebration. I do know this picture will be placed with the other Colorado amusement park items I have picked up since moving here to Denver.


PTA Transit Authority said...

My God do I want that train. Absolutely awesome picture.

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, I didn't know folks were making miniature "live steam" locomotives way back in 1898. Or maybe I did, now that I think about it... I think I've seen photos of one at the Venice Pier from about that time. ?!? Anyway, great picture! I used to have some slides from Elitch Gardens from the early 60's, but I think I sold them. Arg!

Micronut said...

Wonderful image. I have a large live steam train I posted on ebay and from a comment made by a potential bidder he says that he remembered riding this train as a child at the Elitch Gardens in Denver. In search for confirmation I came across your image. I would love to say that my train is the one in the picture but I do not believe it is, although the scale and gauge look to be very similar. When I purchased the train years ago I was told that it came from an amusement park but was unsure of which one. Being 9" gauge is very uncommon for a theme park but it is also larger than the live steam club trains. Just thought I would share. If interested in taking a look, please go to the following link:

Thank you.

Drexel said...

I live near where the old Elitch's was, and there appear to be rail heads exposed in the cracking asphalt of Tennyson St. Do you by chance have any info or pictures of street cars/trolleys in NW Denver?