Thursday, December 28, 2006

Walt and The Submarine Voyage

Today's images are from an article that was published about the new Submarine Voyage ride. I believe the gentleman taking notes is the reporter who wrote the story. Unfortunately I do not know which publication the article appeared. It is interesting to see that the whole Submarine Voyage was storyboarded the same as an animated cartoon.

The second image is of Walt holding one of the Octopus' tentacles. This creature is clearly shown in the new DVD Your Host Walt Disney. The footage of the Submarine Voyage on the Disneyland '59 telecast is amazing, showing the ride in its earliest state. The animation for many of the creatures used compressed air being blown through the figure and the resistance of the water. It is a very effective look, especially when seen from the porthole of the Submarine. In the background are some more storyboard sketches and renderings of sea creatures to be placed into the ride.


Chris Merritt said...

Oh man - great shots Patrick! Right in line with the Subs video from 'Disney;and '59'

thepicklebarrel said...

beautiful stuff!

i REALLY love the long storyboard/layout scene drawings in the first one!

it really shows how close disneyland's design and storytelling was to animation/film technique.

look how neat the 'bubble burst' effect in the portholes were planned to create transitions between scenes and clever an ahead of its time!

god, imagine that type of thought coming from the leaders of imagineering now...oh well.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is the first time I have ever seen a storyboard for a Disneyland attraction. I'm sure they were used before...but it is fascinating to see this version.

I always loved going through the bubbles. As a child I didn't "get" why they did it...I just liked it! But later on I realized how simple, clever and effective it was. Especially when they were lit with a red light to simulate volcanic activity nearby!

Anonymous said...

Patrick, amazing stuff as usual. Perky Pickle, you used the words thought, and imagineering, in the same sentence... shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Love the old subs! Interesting reading too. Kudos! Years ago I watched a portion of the Disneyland '59 telecast and was quite amazed at the gadgetry of it all.

Anonymous said...

its really amazing. great shot and the instrument.


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