Saturday, December 30, 2006

SOP Saturday- Gulf Oil Gas Stations

What does Gulf have to do with Disney and a Disney SOP? In the early 1970s, Gulf was a corporate sponsor and corporate partner with Disney. Gulf constructed Total Car Care Centers at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Both of these new service stations were of a modern design that was to become the model for all Gulf stations across the country. WED was involved in the design of the service stations and the Gulf employees were treated as cast members. Not only were they gas stations, but information centers and repair centers. Gulf went further and sponsored the Walt Disney Story at Disneyland after Lincoln Savings had dropped the sponsorship. Gulf also sponsored the same attraction at Walt Disney World. And in a final tie in, Gulf published a premium Disney magazine available at Gulf gas stations with a fill up of the gas tank. This SOP is also unique in the colors and in the '70s style graphics. Some of the characters in the gas station attendant uniforms are definitely unusual, especially Pinnochio. The SOP was published in 1971.


Anonymous said...

Man, those 70's graphics were something!! Bright orange and yellow, those would be good colors for a jumpsuit. It is interesting to see how flyers and brochures changed over the years and reflected the popular graphic styles of the times.

Does any gas company try to lure customers by being this friendly anymore? It sure feels like a part of a bygone era.

Mellie Helen said...

I remember looking forward to my mom filling up at the Gulf station so we could get the latest premium. The Disney comic books (not the brochure you so kindly shared with us) were greatly anticipated and always thoroughly enjoyed.

I also remember getting bright orange plastic horseshoes from that station; it came with adhesive backing, and my brother and I, much to my mom's consternation, would stick them on the back of our bedroom door.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

Anonymous said...

its a nice picture and statement of gulf. its really great.


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Rick said...

Worked at gulf car care center in 72/73 great to see these