Friday, December 01, 2006

Souvenir Friday- Coloring Book

For the month of December I will be posting souvenirs that a kid would wish for or at least receive as a Christmas present. This coloring book is one of the nicer editions with a great full color cover of the Matterhorn Bobsled running down the icy slopes with Mickey and Donald. In the background runs the Skyway and sleek Monorail. The coloring book is dated 1959 and does feature the 1959 Tomorrowland renovations.

I found one more image of the Rainbow Ridge town. I believe this was on the opposite side of the Nature's Wonderland Load area and the dirt path in front of the stores was used by the Pack Mules.


Anonymous said...

Nice coloring book! I only buy these for the covers, really....and it's tough to find them unused.

I'll have to dig up that great "E-Ticket" issue about Nature's Wonderland (with map by Tangaroa??) to see the layout of Rainbow Ridge, I'm kind of confused about the layout of the town!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful coloring book. I want one for Christmas!

Unknown said...

Is the book available for purchase?

Matterhorn1959 said...

The coloring book is not for sale.