Monday, December 14, 2009

Interesting Photographs from February 1977

A nice selection of photographs dated February 12, 1977. The obsessive fan snapped some shots that remind me of the images now seen on the Disney chat sites. First up is a nice image of the Adventureland Bazaar. I wonder what cool tiki and jungle themed items are for sale.

Next up is a nice shot of the exit for Nature's Wonderland. Comparing similar shots when the attraction opened, the trees have really grown in 16 years.

A nice unusual image of a long line waiting to ride Mission to Mars. What is unusual is the attraction usually did not have long lines.

Looking a bit closer, one can see some nice posters and advertising on the construction wall. The wall advertises the new attraction being built next door, Space Mountain.

The last shot is one featuring the actual construction for Space Mountain. I believe this shot was taken from the second floor of the America Sings building. If you look at the lower part of the photo, you can see some of the advertising on the wall.


Katella Gate said...

I do believe the last photo was taken from the top of the Peoplemover loading tower that had the Rocket Jets. Notice the grill work in this photo from Daveland's Disneyland website:

Click MARCH 76 for the correct image.

The funny thing is that if you look at Dave's other photos of the rocket tower, you realize that the top floor loading platform only had ONE top handrail... and it was like that for several years.

Major Pepperidge said...

These are nice, particularly the great picture of the "Mission to Mars" entrance (with the construction wall), and of course that fantastic photo looking down upon the mess of Space Mountain construction!

Anonymous said...

And to think that I'd take breaks above the Bazaar sign when working the JC. It was a great hangout and you could get a suntan too! Maybe I was working that day.