Saturday, December 17, 2005

Red Wagon Inn Restaurant July 1955

Image is of the Red Wagon Inn sponsored and run by the Swifts Premium Meat company of Kansas City. The upscale restaurant at Disneyland during 1955-1965 filled with items salvaged from a local Los Angeles mansion. This is the spot where Walt Disney would entertain bigwigs from various companies and was the site of the 1965 Tencenniel celebration and press conference. And this is one of my favorite places at Disneyland with the best menus and a wonderful attraction poster to boot. Images of this place are tough to find, but images of the true Red Wagon that sat nearby on Main Street at the Swifts Market house is even tougher. All in all, Swifts sponsored three attractions at Disneyland, the Plantation Chicken House, the Red Wagon Inn and the Swifts Market house. This image is from a Kodachrome slide with the date 7-55 written on the back.


Anonymous said...

looking just like temple model. great shot of the restaurant.


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Connie Moreno said...

This building has always been gorgeous.