Monday, July 30, 2012

Adventureland and Fantasyland June 1963

More images from the collection I purchased at the Disney show. The photographer snapped only two photos in Adventureland. The first is a nice view of one of the jungle launches heading out for the long tour. Note the large building housing the Tahitian Terrace in the background. Written on the reverse is Jungle Boat Cruise Boat we rode at landing. Vegatation + River just like deepest Africe, even to rain forest where fog and mist hang over everything.

Next up is a blurry action shot of the Elephant wading pool. I have seen many of these, I believe the skipper would slow the boat down and then suddenly speed up...causing these blurry images. Written on this photo is Herd of elephants bathing taken from Jungle Boat Cruise in heart of Africa! Elephants are artificial- look real and move!

For the last image the guest moved into Fantasyland and took this photo of the courtyard featuring a balloon vendor and a nice shot of the Sleeping Beauty entrance and the tunnel exit to Frontierland. The caption on this photo is Inside courtyard of Fantasyland castle.


Daveland said...

Love the shot of the SBC entrance; that balloon seller looks as if he's being consumed by the balloons!

Major Pepperidge said...

Those poor balloon sellers... for a while they had to wear a pseudo "Pinocchio"-style outfit that looks so ridiculous! You can *just* tell that this guy is wearing the big shorts and black stockings.

K. Martinez said...

The courtyard image of the balloon seller is great. Those benches inside the "Exit to Frontierland" passage are a favorite resting place of mine along with the benches inside the "Exit to Tomorrowland" passage. Great set today!

Anonymous said...

As for those blurry pictures in the elephant pool, we wouldn't speed up too much out of it as we'd run into the "squirter". Since the area was naturally dark, and it involved going around the curve, there was plenty of boat motion with a long exposure for the film. That's my guess anyway. Good blog.

Former skipper.