Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back to the Regularly Scheduled Blogging- June 1963

Back in Colorado and some what back to a normal schedule. One of my purchases at the show brought in by a friend of this blog (Disneyland Postcards) is this set of snapshots from June of 1963. The photos have wonderful descriptions on the back so I will be quoting them. First up is a view of Town Square with a lady snapping a photograph of the Main Street Station. Written on the reverse of the photo is: Disneyland Main Street Square of 1890's, Horse Cars, etc, London- 2 Decker bus.

Next up is a nice shot of the Omnibus showing the attraction posters on the side of the bus. Written on the reverse of this photograph is: Disneyland Double Decker Bus (authentic London Style) We rode top deck- Front On Main St. 1890's.

Last image for today is Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Written on this photo is: Disneyland Fantasyland Castle 4 story high- with water moat + Drawbridge, etc.


Thufer said...

So love the Omni (Double Decker) Bus. Always seen to find my way up top for the trip up/down Main Street USA. Just a wonderful trip no matter the time of day.

K. Martinez said...

Matterhorn, The first images is the Hub Plaza and the woman is snapping a photograph of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Note the Tiki Room and Frontierland entrance in the background.

Nice images of the two ends of Main Street.

K. Martinez said...

Here I am correcting your caption and I can't even write a proper sentence. lol!