Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lost Safari and Ethan Allen

Two fun views today. First up is the original tableaux of the lost safari being treed by a rhino on the Jungle River Cruise. The antelope in the background have been moved and the scene is not as large in today's Jungle River Cruise.

The second image is of the Submarine Voyage and the Ethan Allen submarine starting on the voyage under the polar ice caps. I do miss the battleship gray coloring of the subs. In the background is the Douglas Rocket to the Moon (after TWA stopped their sponsorship.


MRaymond said...

Didn't the great white hunter become Shrunken Ned?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, there was something more believable in the former JC scene then today. Simpler for sure. KS

Matthew said...

Now, I admit, it's been awhile. But I believe those antelope are still there. The problem with the African Veldt today is that the bamboo and brush have grown so high that it has made a "wall" appearance in the background, instead of a slow rise to the sky above. With some proper re-landscaping that could be fixed. And that, in my opinion, is what made it more believable. So I agree with our friend @Anonymous KS!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

PS - @MRaymond I believe Shrunken Ned resembles the "great white hunter" and may be meant to do so... but I have not heard if it is supposed to be him for sure.

PSS - I love the fact that Marc Davis made the rhino female. Something I only discovered once I started my career on the Jungle Cruise in 1986.

Anonymous said...

He's losing the argument with the rhino, but will eventually get the point in the end.


walterworld said...

My kids and I always make a trip over to see Shrunken Ned. He seems to know just what to say...

The Lost/Trapped Safari has always been my favorite part of the Jungle Cruise for some reason. Good job Marc Davis once again!

And we also have a sweet 'YACHT BAR' sign-sighting to the right in the second pic. Nice!

Thanks Matterhorn