Monday, February 13, 2017

Souvenir Friday on a Monday and Two Frontierland Views

My Friday morning was a little hectic and I was not able to post my Souvenir Friday post. So here is the University of Disneyland Newsletter for July 1966. Lots of promotions this month and no one wanted to see the Dodgers play baseball.

The next two photographs are unrelated. First up is the final Indian Village photograph featuring Melody from my January 25 post. Melody proudly poses in front of the Buffalo still holding her groovy bag.

The second image is of Tom Sawyer's treehouse with a rather dapper gentleman getting ready to relive his childhood days of playing in a tree house.


Major Pepperidge said...

So funny. Why didn't anyone want to see the Dodgers?! Maybe that was a particularly bad year for them? Love the photo of the Primeval World model.

Anonymous said...

I see Lee Spang mentioned in the newsletter. I met him while he was running the Personnel Dept. at Knotts in the mid 70s. KS