Friday, June 13, 2014

Souvenir Friday- Disneyland Flannel Fabric 1950s

Some of the hardest to find souvenirs are fabric items featuring Disneyland. Most of these types of items were used and then discarded. Some items in this category include towels, bath mats, blankets, and curtains. This item is a piece of flannel fabric that would have been used as a bedsheet or blanket. I would date this piece circa 1955.

The aquatic scene is on both the head and foot of the fabric. I love that the river traffic is the Mark Twain and a Jungle River explorer launch. p>

A closer shot of some of the graphics on the white part of the fabric, featuring some of the attractions including Astro Jets, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Shooting Gallery, Mark Twain, Horse Drawn Surrey and one of the Horseless Carriages. p>


Pegleg Pete said...

Interesting item. Curiously, they seem to have omitted 'Fantasyland' from the roll call of lands in the pattern – I wonder if it was a mistake since 'Disneyland' itself appears in the pattern (where one would expect 'Fantasyland') as well as on the banner beneath the water.

Steve said...

Envy the lucky kid who had sheets like that!