Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Simple Joys of Carnival Rides

These photos show the simple joy of a simple ride. Many times we demand the newest, most immersive, greatest thrill rides to satisfy us. But other times we can think back to the days when we were young and the fun of going around in a circle, flying a jet airplane in the sky...

Another joy is spinning just like the Mad Hatter Teacups. In this case, the ride is an octopus type of ride. Of course, your fun is increased when in the company of your best friends.

Of course some rides are even more simple, but just as an enjoyable. I have strong memories of going to a traveling carnival and riding all the rides with as much enjoyment as going to Disneyland.


Major Pepperidge said...

You know I love these! There is a small park in San Jose called "Happy Hollow" where I used to go with my sister and her kids, and it has lots of little rides like this. It was really great! They have one of those "Danny the Dragon" trackless train rides (just like the one that used to be at Freedomland), which was my personal favorite.

Unknown said...

My absolute favorite rides as a kid were ones with water.. ie; log rides, boat rides, rides in the water, rides NEAR the water... eh, I think you get the point. LOL!

There was a park in particular I used to visit in Iowa when I was a kid visiting my aunt and uncle, and I SWEAR it was called Adventure Land.

It had a bunch of little rides like these, and a few bigger scale rides as well.