Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunkist on Main Street

Two nice images of the old Sunkist Citrus House on Main Street. I like Goofy interacting with the kids and the kids munching freshly popped popcorn. I also would love to own the sign.


OldPerson said...

I loved the Sunkist Citrus House. It always smelled so...citrusy. One of my favorite things was to get a glass of orange juice before I left the park after a long day. Just seemed to perk me up for the drive home.

Kevin Kidney said...

So much to love about these photos...from the colors of the Penny Arcade, to the woman's cool yellow sweater, to the size of Goofy's pupils. Seriously, I saw the most recent incarnation of Goofy in the park yesterday and his pupils are tiny dots!