Saturday, October 17, 2009

Disneyland in Color January 1968 Part 1

Some nice snapshots of an older couple enjoying Disneyland. Photographs of older couples are always nice as they all appear to be having so much fun. And, they like to pose just as much as the young kids. The first image shows the couple and a friend hanging out with everyone's friend at Disneyland Mickey Mouse. The gate flier she is holding has a nice Mickey Sorcerer graphic.

I can imagine the gentleman reminiscing with his best girl of when they started dating and their hometown looked like Main Street. Of course, this is what Walt wanted when he envisioned Main Street.

The last two images are of Sleeping Beauty Castle in Christmas splendor. I guess I am as bad as Wal-Mart, Lowes or Home Depot by displaying Christmas in October.


Major Pepperidge said...

Walt definitely succeeded in building a park for kids AND adults, as we've seen so many times in these photos.

I'm sure there are stores that are just waiting for November 1 to pull down all the orange and black and put up the green and red!

Vaughn said...

I enjoy the Christmas photos. I can hardly wait for Nov 2 when Wight's (a local home and garden center) opens their "Wight's Wonderland of Christmas." One of these years my wife and I will make it to Disneyland around Christmas time (a long time goal.)

Unknown said...

I just KNOW that Cat feels like a kid despite that somber look on his face. Heh Heh