Monday, October 12, 2009

More Universal Studios

Today I am still visiting Universal Studios of 1968. One of the featured attractions was a gunfight show with a stage set of an old Western town. First up is the stage as seen from the bleachers.

Here are two of the gunfighters posing for a picture by the Pizza restaurant. I like the little kid in his cowboy outfit looking in awe at the two stunt men.

Next up is Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster) posing with a fan outside of the beer tavern. I wonder what the souvenir Universal beer glass looks like?

Finally one of the most famous walk through sets was the fake snow set. Many people had their picture taken frolicing in the snow in their Southern California uniform of a short sleeve shirt and shorts.


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, so cool to have the photo of Al (Grandpa) Lewis!! "The Munsters" was done by then, wonder why he was there?

I also remember the guide telling us that, in order to make fake snow crunch like real snow, corn flakes were placed beneath the phony snow.

Katella Gate said...

Al Lewis, huh? I saw him *many* years ago at a Kings game at the Fabulous Forum in between periods. He was in civvies and it was long after the show was out of production, but instantly recognizable.

My family saw him in the lobby drinking a coke. My dad tried to talk me into going up and saying "hi Grandpa" and other foolishness, and have my picture taken with him. I told my dad that he probably would appreciate just being left alone, so we did.

Maybe I'll photoshop this, put my face in, put the Forum in the background, and put one over on dad: "hey dad, I just found that picture we took of "Grandpa Munster at the Forum -- remember?"