Thursday, June 15, 2006

Zocalo Marketplace Frontierland

Today I am showing various pictures of the bazaar that was located in front of Casa De Fritos, the Zocalo Market. Filled with the best stuff from Mexico and other Latin America countries. Similar in concept to the Adventureland Bazaar, various lessees would sell their stuff including the Guatamalen Weavers, the Mexican Shop and others. Some wonderful souvenirs came from here including a great sombrero ashtray marked with this name and a wonderful serape with a nice tag. The photographer must have spent a fairly long time here documenting the Zocalo. By the way, Zocalo means town square and was based on the Zorro TV series.


Dan Goodsell said...

it makes you really wonder about all the temporary structures at Disneyland. We know a lot about the permanent structures but so much came and went with little notice, it is great to see so many pics of I had never ever heard of.

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, a "super duper bonus edition" of Stuff from the Park. I've only seen photos of these structures taken from a distance (from the upper decks of the Mark Twain), it's amazing to see so many closeup images! Makes me want to buy a rubber tomahawk.

Anonymous said...

I do not rember seeing this snd I have been going to the park for years. You were up real early this morning