Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tom Sawyer Island Mill, Raft and Fishing Dock 1960

Lovely early morning photograph of Tom Sawyers Island before it was destroyed by the addition of the stage and lighting for Fantasmic. The image is unusual in that it shows the old route of the rafts, from basically where New Orleans Square starts to the dock right by the Old Mill. Also seen is the old fishing dock where guests could fish in the Rivers of America and actually catch a catfish. The stories go that it was shut down as too many guests who caught the fish were leaving them around the park...and you can imagine the smell!

And check out the new blog of vintage slides- he has already posted some great images. The blog is Davelandblog.


Daveland said...

Thanks for the plug! And great pic of Tom Sawyer Island - before it was pillaged.

Anonymous said...

I love your things Where do you get them all?

Major Pepperidge said...

I know a lot of people love Fantasmic (and I like it, grudgingly). But what I really loved was nights along river, with the Mark Twain lit up, maybe a dixieland band playing, and the lights of Frontierland and New Orleans Square reflecting in the water. What an awesome, peaceful mood. Oh, and the burning settler's cabin at night, whoo hoo!