Friday, June 23, 2006

Souvenir Friday- Disneyland Band Drum Head

Although technically not something that was sold, this was a great souvenir for the drummer in the Disneyland Band. I am sure everyone has watched the Disneyland band at least one time during a trip to Disneyland and this is the iconic drum head. I believe this drum head is from the late 1960s from the style of painting and the nice outlining of the letters. The later drum heads are not as finely painted. I have had this for approximately 10 years, buying it at the Santa Monica Swap Meet from a dealer selling linens. I actually purchased two of these and was told by the seller that the drummer took them home as a souvenir of his job. I do know it looks great hanging on the wall.


Anonymous said...

I have seen this on the wall.

GEC Events said...

Do you still have the Disneyland Drum Head?