Thursday, December 06, 2012

Some Views Of Disneyland Circa 1986

A group of four nice views of Disneyland scenes circa 1986. First up is a nice shot of the sailing ship Columbia as she sits in at the dock. Note how nice the figurehead looks.

Next up a view of the Horse Drawn Trolley being loaded. The tack for the horses is nice with the D on the harness.

A lovely Tomorrowland view from the Monorail with lots of activity that Tomorrowland was once known for. Judging by the crowd, it was a busy day.

Final image is of the old Flower Market area and the Carnation restaurant. The openness of the view is very nice.


Major Pepperidge said...

Funny, it only looks crowded in Tomorrowland! Didn't Star Tours debut in 1986?

K. Martinez said...

Star Tours debuted January 1987. It was Captain EO that debuted in 1986.