Monday, December 10, 2012

Golden Horseshoe Jamboree Big Dance Routine

Replacing the Golden Horseshoe Review was this show featuring Sam the Bartender (Gil Christner) and Miss Lily (Judi Wallace.) The scene shown in the photographs was the showstopper Belly Up to the Bar. The storyline was Sam has a crush on Lily (who would not have a crush on her?) so he auditions to be in the show to be close to her.


K. Martinez said...

I enjoyed the "Jamboree" almost as much as the "Revue". It's too bad they don't return Billy Hill to the Horseshoe or start a new show in the spirit of the original.

DBenson said...

Miss Lily is about to sing when Bill appears in Indian headdress.

BILL: Chance!

MISS LILY: Don't you mean "How"?

BILL: Me know how. Me want chance!

That still kills me for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gil Christner here, thanks for the mention. I loved my time at the Golden Horseshoe and still consider it one of the highlights of my career.

However I do believe your picture is that of Ed Bell, who also rotated in the part of Sam the Bartender. Ed is a great guy, and we see each other on auditions every so often and I wouldn't want him to get short shrift.