Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Scenes Amongst the Berry Farm

Three slides from Knott's Berry Farm in the mid 1950s. First up is the loading area for the Stagecoach ride. Note the home spun look of the ride which definitely works for this attraction.

Next up is a view of some relic wagons in the overflow parking area at Knott's.

My favorite image is of Doctor Mal De Mar's Medicine Show. Some great tongue in cheek snake oil salesman signs. Quite a small stage to present this show.


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, these are really great! Love the closeup of Doctor Mal De Mer's wagon especially.

K. Martinez said...

Nice set today. Love the relic wagons in the overflow parking lot. Such an unusual image.

outsidetheberm said...

These are really great!

In your second shot, we are actually inside the Mark Smith Horse Show Arena (the Calico Mine Ride is in this spot today). You can see the bench seating around the arena. A rare shot, Matterhorn.

Thanks for the look!