Saturday, December 29, 2012

Freedomland Slide Collection Part 4

More images from Freedomland in the early 1960s. First up are two shots form the entrance to Freedomland and the New York section. The focus of the images is the Schering Pharmaceutical company Apothecary exhibit. Similar to Upjohn in Disneyland, Schering was a national pharmaceutical company. The building is nice with classic signage.

Next up is an image of the Sternwheeler American on its way. Not quite as large as the Mark Twain, the ride still looked like it was fun and a nice way to see the Great Lakes.

My favorite of this group is this colorful kid riding the King Rex Merry Go Round with the Crystal Maze in the background. The attractions were located in the New Orleans Mardi Gras area.

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Major Pepperidge said...

I can't help wondering if the Schering Pharmacy had a jar of leeches in it!

The color in these photos is amazing.