Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Merry Go Round at Pacific Ocean Park

A nice image of the Loof carousel that had been on the pier since 1926 when the pier was known as Ocean Park amusement pier. The carousel was more of a merry go round with a menagerie of animals to ride, as seen by the elephant in the background. It is believed the carousel is now located at Seaport Village in San Diego.


K. Martinez said...

We have a beautiful Looff carousel built in 1911 here at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk still operating in its original location. It celebrated it's 100th Anniversary last year.

While Charles Looff built the carousel, his son Arthur Looff built the Giant Dipper roller coaster at the same park.

walterworld said...

The Santa Cruz Beach Bordwalk is a fantastic old seaside park. My Gram lived in Aptos so I went there a lot when I was a kid. Took my kids there often in the early 2000's; we always had a lot of fun.

Thanks Matterhorn

210Frwy said...

That doesn’t look like a carousel. It looks like a bunch of those kiddie coin operated rides like they have at supermarkets (looks like a coin box at the right of the hoarse). Also where is the middle pole? And I just noticed what looks like pinball machines in the background which might identify this as an arcade. Of course I could be mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Yes that is indeed a picture of an arcade full of coin-operated kiddie rides. The horses are Bally Champions and the elephant is a Tusko.