Saturday, October 13, 2012

Walt Disney World January 1974 Snapshots

A small grouping of photographs from Walt Disney World dated January 1974. It looks like it was a crowded day. First up is the Crystal Palace restaurant. The Magic Kingdom has always had nice landscaping.

Next up are the neat slit drum Tikis found in Adventureland. I wish Disneyland had these fun statures.

The Magic Kingdom also has a nice version of Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. I do miss the tree house at Disneyland.

In Florida, everything was made on a larger scale including the Flower Market.


Katella Gate said...

"A larger scale" is right. Friends who have visited both parks mention that the larger size of the Magic Kingdom make the park more challenging to tour because of the extra distance.

BTW, can anybody tell me about the slit drums? They look like they interact with guests in some way.

K. Martinez said...

The one land that WDW did better than Disneyland in my opinion was Adventureland. When I visited WDW in the 70s and early 80s I could never get enough of this area.

I never found the Magic Kingdom to be that much larger for walking than Disneyland when taking the individual "lands" into account with the exception of Adventureland. I did however find the Hub Plaza to be spread out and on a grand scale.

Since I haven't been to WDW after 1984, I have no idea what it's like today as far as experience.

Anonymous said...

The Tikis are still around and now squirt water as relief from the often oppressive Florida heat and humidity.