Thursday, October 25, 2012

Signs from 1987

More signs from Disneyland in 1987. (Yes all of the photographs are from 1987 as I checked the back of the photographs.) First up is a view of the short lived Briar Rose Cottage store in Fantasyland which opened in 1987 and was changed in 1991.

Next up is a view of the French Market in New Orleans Square. Still one of my favorite places to dine.

A nice view of the Card Corner (now the Photopass location.) Note the cool First Aid sign in the right hand side of the photograph.

Final image of the lost attraction, Swiss Family Treehouse. I can still hear the Swisskapolka.


K. Martinez said...

There was also the short lived Mickey's Christmas Chalet which opened with the New Fantasyland before the Briar Rose Cottage shop took over. It was my favorite Christmas shop Disneyland ever had.

I remember the Card Corner when it was the INA Carefree Corner. There used to be 3 backlit photos high on the wall behind the counter that showed Walt Disney World in all it's newness.

Nice set today!

Bunthorne said...

What I loved about the Swiss Family Treehouse were the waterworks that carried water to the highest rooms. All removed with the Tarzan renovation.

Thufer said...

Of course; that second one down is my fav. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget the Swiss Polka considering I did several shifts there back in the day taking tickets at the turnstyle.