Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Its 1987 and its Disneyland

Four more photographs from my friend taken in 1987. First up is one of my favorite lost food stands, Sunkist I Presume in Adventureland. A great image of the sign. The lovely orange juice and lemonade drinks from this stand is a strong memory.

Next up is a great view of the Fantasyland Pirate Ship and Skull Rock lagoon. A great view that the Disneyland management probably wishes they still had to hold Pirate events.

Next up are two photographs for Kevin Kidney showing two of his favorite characters. First up is Bernard from the Rescuers and then his friend Miss Bianca. In reading the press release information on the promotion for Disneyland in 2013, there will be an old friends week where characters not usually seen in the park will be in the park. I say we start an online campaign to see Bernard, Bianca, Evinrude and all the other characters from the Rescuers, and also the cats from the Aristocats!

All right I totally blew it. Yes the photo of Skull Rock is pre-1983. I will have to ask my friend when he went in the early 1980s! I was basing the date on when he told me he worked at Disneyland and did not even think about what the photograph was showing! Duhh!!!


Unknown said...

Are you sure about that 1987 date? Skull Rock was demolished for the 1983 New Fantasyland.

K. Martinez said...

The 'Sunkist I Presume' sign has made my day. I used to go there everytime I visited Disneyland. I loved the Jungle Juleps and Buttermilk bars. What memories.

MakeItPink said...

Yeah that photo of Skull Rock could not have been taken in 1987. Wonder when it was taken?

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic! informed me that the Sunkist sign is still there, although repainted. The shape is exactly the same.