Friday, October 12, 2012

Souvenir Friday- Walt Disney Studio Stickers

Two stickers used at the Walt Disney Studios in the 1950s. The design is from the Mickey Mouse Club. The red one has V5 typed in the top of the sticker. I believe these stickers were used on file folders for departments. The red and yellow colors and design remind me of early McDonalds.


K. Martinez said...

1These are great graphics and my favorite version of Mickey Mouse!

I have quite a few Disneyand and Walt Disney World stickers from the 60s and 70s still in excellent condition that I bought when going to the parks back then.

The 'Walt Disney Productions' copyright stamp used to make me feel excitement of having a Disney product, watching a Disney movie or going to Disneyland when I was a kid.

For some reason 'The Walt Disney Company' name doesn't do it for me the same as 'Disney Parks' doesn't.

One of a Kind Shop said...

My mom used to work at the Disney Studios from about 1960-ish to 1969. On her 1966 Mustang, on the back of her rear-view mirror, was a sticker just like these, but it was blue.

What you have here are the employee parking stickers for studio employees.

I have seen these sold on eBay a couple of times, and those sellers didn't really know what they were. At least they were unable to answer my questions as to where they came from. I have been able to buy a set of red, yellow, blue, and green studio parking stickers.

Our Mustang had the blue sticker on it all the way up until the time that we (sadly) had to put it out to pasture, but I now have an unused set of all of the different-colored parking stickers to replace the blue one... unless, of course, there is a fifth color that exists.

And so, the collector's dilemma: do I have a complete set yet... or am I incomplete?