Tuesday, November 17, 2015

On the Rivers of America

Three photographs of the Rivers of America in 1959. First up is Fowler's Harbor with one of the Keelboats docked. I enjoy the early rustic nature of Fowler's harbor at this time period.

Next up is a you are there photograph from the deck of the Mark Twain. The image provides a nice image of the Chicken Plantation in the background.

The last image is of the Mark Twain rounding the bend by the friendly Indian Village. In the background is one of the Yellowstone coaches.


K. Martinez said...

Love the Fowler's Harbor image. The last image drives home the fact that after sixty years this stretch of the river will no longer exist. I certainly hope they do something extra special with the Rivers of America to make up for the 25% reduction. Perhaps a new type of Cascade Peak.

Anonymous said...

I note the Keel Boat in the harbor. I suppose this was later modified to become the Keel Boat of my memory transporting passengers. Perhaps this was the one that has now returned to it's original look in front of the settler's cabin. KS

outsidetheberm said...

Great images, Patrick! They may be earlier than 1959. The Keel Boat appears to be the original from the 1955 movie. Also note the live Indian performer on horseback near the Mark Twain. Weren't these live performers were gone after 1956?

Matthew said...

Hey Patrick! In the last image there appears to be on Indian sitting on a horse (both mechanical figures?). This would have been past the "Friendly Indian Village" on the back side of the river (probably located off to the photographers hard left side). I have never seen a figure in that position on the river before. At least judging by the Yellowstone Carriage that is visible off the bow of the ship, that is where it appears to be. Can you zoom in? Have you ever seen a figure there before? I know the Indian Chief used to sit across the river near the burning settler's cabin... but I never have seen a human figure there before. Then again... I could be drinking? ;-)

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle