Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jungle River Cruise 1959

Two views of the Jungle River Cruise in 1959. First is a general overall view of the loading and unloading dock. The image has a nice three dimensional look. A very nice group of guests are on the dock, including one lady sporting a nice souvenir hat. The skipper costume is very nice.

The second image is of the jungle seen opposite of the loading dock. Note the lovely outrigger canoe on the left of the photograph.

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Matthew said...

I love the old Jungle launches with their stripes. And look at the photo of the canoe! WOW! You wouldn't think you were in Anaheim at all. I presume that is the canoe that would sit outside the little island hut across the lagoon. That is definitely the cove where the island hut sits; however, this canoe appears to be full size (and not the scaled down version that rests there today).

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle