Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Disneyland River Traffic

The Rivers of America has many different ships that navigate the twisting river. First up is a nice image of the steamship Mark Twain pulling away from the dock on the journey around the Tom Sawyer Island. The picture was taken in the late afternoon with some nice shadows and dappled light on the water.

A second view of the Mark Twain, this time sitting at dock. It will be interesting to see how the redesign of the river proceeds.

The last image shows many of the other ships and watercraft on the Rivers of America. In the foreground is a canoe with a happy group of guests paddling their way around the island, while one of the Keel Boats awaits passengers and the Columbia sits at Fowler's Harbor.


MRaymond said...

My grandfather liked to sit at the bow of the Mark Twain and he had us (the kids) rush to the front to hold the seats for him and grandma.

Anonymous said...

I remember those quiet morning as a CM on the canoes. The costumes look to be of the same vintage that I wore in the 70s.


K. Martinez said...

The second image really shows off the beauty of the south end of Tom Sawyer Island with the Old Mill, dense foliage and Canoe passing by.