Saturday, January 08, 2011

Polaroid Images 1960s

Some classic images...that appear to have been taken by a young kid. The first image cuts off the subjects, but it does show the nice rock work of Tom Sawyer's Island.

This image is a little better composed with the two youngsters perusing a ticket book.

A nice pose in front of Storybook Land...note the ticket book in the hand of the girl on the left.

What I feel is the best image of the group, a shot of the Alice In Wonderland attraction where the mushroom is still a working ticket booth.

For the sign obssessed, a close image of the ticket booth sign.


Connie Moreno said...

These are GREAT! I love the mushroom ticket book and remember buying tickets there! Also, I was surprised to see the white benches...I thought they had always been green.

Oh, one more thing. When I tried to enlarge the picture with the two girls standing by the Storybook Land, I got a message saying the link was broken.

HBG2 said...

I'm not sure the mushroom was still functioning as a ticket booth when this photo was taken. I think that sign insert was permanent when it was put in. I remember it being there for a long time. And notice that the side window hole is also blocked.

Katella Gate said...

BTW, the Alice poster has some creative color.. dark teal background with smoke blue characters. Very Weird, very dreamy.

Today's password is "musca" the Latin word for "a fly"

Matterhorn1959 said...

Connie- thanks for letting me know. I have fixed the link.

Matt said...

Best image of the group? I heartily agree!

Alicia said...

Another old pictures... I think you just gave me an idea on what to do with the project I am working right now. Retrospect is always been a fun concept I will absolutely integrate such touch on my project. Oh i just love you for that. Glad I came across your site.

JG said...

One of the cutest bits of theming ever.

Thank you.


PS: @ KG: En boca cerrada, no entran muscas...LOL

Katella Gate said...

"En boca cerrada, no entran muscas"

"A closed mouth keeps out the flies?"

Sounds like something out of the Monty Python Hungarian-English dictionary. Do they explode with delight as well?

JG said...

@KG, you got it.

That was a saying kicking around the 'hood in my youth.

vernacular for "keep your mouth shut"