Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Couple of Days at Walt Disney World 1972

Dating from July 1972 is a family trip that was over a couple of days. First up is the classic image in front of the Magic Kingdom Railroad Station.

Next up is the family posing with B'rer Fox.

These two images appear to be taken the next day. The images are taken at the same location as you can see the second one had a bit of strap in the image.


Major Pepperidge said...

Are you sure these weren't taken at Nara Dreamland? ;-)

Katella Gate said...

Oh, that awful "quilted" print paper from the 70s!. What the hell were they thinking? I can only assume it was to help hide soft focus and low resolution.

Alicia said...

Nice post. I always love to look at old pictures... It makes me realize how things have changed from many aspects. I find it also funny sometimes considering the kind of fashion we have back then especially the hair style that we have.

philphoggs said...

So right on the quilted print paper. Sadly, we have oodles of those too.
Hey, you gotta love how the younger kids are suspiciously checking out Brer Foxes mouth so intently.. exactly what kids do and we would have done also. Although, I sheepishly say I don’t know exactly where that photo location is.